Porsche and Naba celebrate together the luxury of simplicity

The luxury car brand and the milanese academy hold hands again, creating a timeless and sophisticated aesthetic

By Alessandra Nava

Porsche, the German luxury car brand par excellence, and NABA, Milan’s most futuristic and up-to-date fine arts academy, collaborated for the third year in a row, willing to create interesting graphic projects. PorscheNABA_acrimoniamagazine5 PorscheNABA_acrimoniamagazine3 This year Porsche Haus Srl, the company which owns Milan’s two dealerships and a huge monobrand shop in Via della Spiga, asked NABA’s young Graphic Design and Art Direction students to interpret two very important themes. PorscheNABA_acrimoniamagazine4 PorscheNABA_acrimoniamagazine1 The first one was the creation of a new logo that would celebrate the company’s 20th anniversary. The second theme was about the realization of a brand new car bodywork for Porsche’s most iconic and “Timneless Machine” ever, the 911. The prizegiving took place at NABA’s headquarter on June 24th, where six young students were awarded for their talent and capability of turning Porsche’s imagery into reality. PorscheNABA_acrimoniamagazine2 The white car bodywork covered in drawings was projected by Davide Trevisan, Elisabetta Riva, Lorenzo Rogante and Chiara Versaico, while the essentially elegant logo was designed by Francesca Ferro and Fabiola Fraula.