Why is putting toothpaste on pimples very wrong?

Toothpaste on pimples is an urban legend that must end!

By Elisa Grasso

Putting toothpaste on pimples is definitely something we've all done at least once in a lifetime.

And luckily there are those who did it only once, because I am sure that most of you continue to do it with the utmost nonchalance.

But let's get straight to the point: why is putting toothpaste on pimples wrong?

Years ago, triclosan was used in the formulations of toothpastes, a chlorophenol active on bacteria with an antiseptic and disinfectant function which was therefore believed to be effective also against acne.

Today this antimicrobial is no longer used following several tests that have indicated it as harmful to health.

Furthermore, teeth and skin are completely different so it is clear how useless and dangerous it is to use certain products on "surfaces" for which they have not been formulated, especially when it comes to skin that is very delicate!

Would you ever use shower gel to wash your face? Please tell me no.

The feeling of freshness that toothpaste gives once applied on pimples has nothing to do with a hypothetical healing of the inflammation: in most cases, in fact, the situation actually worsens and the whitening substances do nothing but irritate the skin triggering the appearance of spots in the long run, which intensify with exposure to the sun.

So what are the products to use?

Green clay, salicylic acid-based lotions (never forget to apply sunscreen before exposure to daylight) and specific products for the topical treatment of pimples such as SVR's Sebiaclear Cicapeel and VeraLab's Dot Eraser which they are crazy.

And if you suffer from acne, always contact a dermatologist for advice!