Oscars 2020: high on emotion with glamour

And who did you prefer on the red carpet?

By Alessandra Nava

While our favorite celebrities are resting in their California king beds, coming after a long thrilling night that culminated in a very cool after party, we have to comment a few things that happened during this magical night.

Laura Dern and Renée Zellweger, both charming and blonde, triumphed as best actresses, both dressed by the one and only king Giorgio Armani.
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Did this...really happen? Thank you @gaymenschorusla @filmindependent and @jtfirstman for making me realize how much I need a choir to go everywhere with me! 🤯♥️

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Their male counterparts, Brad Pitt and Joaquin Phoenix, the beauty and the damned, got their finally deserved Oscars as well.

The biggest surprise of the night was the absolute domain of South Korea. “Parasite” won four Oscars, including the most important for “Best Movie”. It was an effortlessly cool Jane Fonda, for the first time ever white-haired, to give the prize to the director.

This confirms how South Korea has become a brand new source of art, fresh and unconventional. The sophisticated aesthetic of K-Pop, the unbelievably cool fashion and beauty industry, and now the disturbingly innovative movie productions by Bong Joon-ho.

The very sweet Rooney Mara, whose goth aesthetic hides a very tender heart, posted a bunch of photos of her freshly awarded boyfriend Joaquin Phoenix. Him, her and an Oscar.
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Oscars 2020 💫 #rooneymara #joaquinphoenix #oscars2020

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Best dressed of the nights were the super sensual Scarlett Johansson, dressed up in a silky Oscar de la Renta, and Zazzie Beetz, a dripping queen dressed in Thom Browne.