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Beyond the Japanese ball, the 8 strangest things found on the beach

Objects released from the sea after decades


The city of Hamamatsu, which also boasts a fantastic ancient castle surrounded by cherry trees in blossom, is in danger of gaining notoriety for one of its very long beaches, that of Enshu. It was among the soft sand of that huge beach that a large metal sphere of uncertain origin was allegedly found. The lucky man who would have spotted it a few weeks ago simply shrugged his shoulders thinking... it must be a buoy. Then the thing, thanks to social media and pictures of the unexpected object, grew to become a mystery. Let's put it this way.

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Even those who are not used to frequenting the beaches of the Rising Sun, however, have occasion to find strange and unexpected objects among the dunes and beach umbrellas, often out of context, that the waves have generously decided to deposit on the shoreline. Here then is a small sampling of the most singular things found on the sand.

1) The almost intact carcass of a car. Probably from an accident at sea, not a collision but rather a collision between cargo ships. Or the result of a cloudburst that caused the cargo to slide into the sea.

2) A fleet of plastic ducks washed ashore after the ship carrying them sank. The yellow bathing creatures wandered in the waves for years before reaching the beach almost unharmed. Many other ducks found on the beach came from the “World Record Duck Race Ireland 2006”, during which as many as 150,000 of them were released on the River Liffey in Dublin.

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3) A huge skull, the size of an elephant's. On the beach at Fort Funston, near San Francisco, an enthusiast of strange marine wood found something even stranger. Subsequent checks revealed that those skull bones would belong to a grey whale, which would explain their decidedly unusual size.

4) Among the sands of Ashdod, children who wanted to build castles and other ephemeral buildings were able to count on a remarkable architectural element. A 1,500-year-old Byzantine marble column emerged from the beach. Which, however, was soon taken away from the children.

5) A macabre natural element has enlivened one of the beaches of Oak Island, Canada, already plagued by treasure hunters who have been drilling and probing that land for years. The sea of Mahone Bay has in fact returned the half of a shark: the unfortunate aquatic animal seems to have been the victim of an encounter with one of its kind, but of considerably larger size.

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6) The beach that runs between La Bufalara and Torre Paola, near the Circeo, is one of those affected by strong sea erosion. And it is precisely this phenomenon that has brought to light the remains of some World War II bunkers and, above all, bombs that were fired during that period and remained unexploded.

7) For a number of years, between 2007 and 2019, the beaches of the USA and Canada saw some rather disturbing finds washed ashore. More than 20 human feet, thus devoid of the rest of the body and almost all wearing trainers, were found by bathers. The exact origin of these lost anatomical parts has never been fully clarified.

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8) The French Atlantic coast witnessed the arrival of dozens of extravagant orange plastic objects. Inexplicably, a large number of landlines inspired by the friendly cat Garfield swam ashore. As it was later discovered, the artefacts had allegedly leaked from a container that had fallen into the sea many years earlier.

Image David Di Veroli on Unsplash