Nostalgia Box: The Suite Life of Zack and Cody

We've got a suite life!

By Camilla Alcini

So come on down... These words are enough, accompanied by the music of the theme song, to let us immediately remember the adventures of the most famous Disney Channel twins. Because being together with them, episode after episode, was really a hoot, a continuous laugh lasting 3 seasons, aired from 2005 to 2008. Imagine having a huge and luxurious hotel to spend your days, add a studious and sensitive twin, Cody, and another twin that is exactly the opposite, Zack, always looking for food and girls. But that is not all. It also takes a few adults, so here's a single mom and singer, Carey, and a grumpy manager of a Moseby hotel, ready to scold the twins in every situation they hunt, sometimes as allies, sometimes as enemies.

But what would have happened to this series without the darling of Disney Channel Ashley Tisdale as Maddie, the cashier of the sweet shop as well as Zack's historic crush, and without the one, the unique, inimitable London Tipton? Character clearly inspired by Paris Hilton, Brenda Song wears the glittering clothes of the rich and airy heiress of the Tipton empire, of which the Grand Hotel in Boston is part. Remember his huge wardrobe, equipped with a talking mirror? Besides, London Tipton is a star, a star, a star...

The Arwin maintenance man and the Esteban Julio Montoya De La Rosa Ramirez porter also added to the fun (yes, this is his long full name!), Often in the sights of the twins. All these characters together have given life to unforgettable episodes, such as the one in which Carey bursts in to retrieve the disobedient children on London's "Great me!" Or the one in which Maddie is forced to dub London in the role of Sharpay Evans in the school play of High School Musical, accused of not looking like Ashley Tisdale enough to be able to play the role herself.

But the real stars were the Sprouse twins, who despite constant quarrels and disputes with each other, always ended up protecting each other. The success led to a spin off that moves on the cruise ship and for this called "Zack and Cody Life on Deck". In 2011 the film "Zack and Cody" is released and it is equally successful. Dylan and Cole Sprouse continue their film career even after Disney Channel, reaching an even greater success, in the case of Cole thanks to his interpretation of Jughead in the TV series Riverdale. The twin has also become a good photographer, signing important services and advertising campaigns.

But regardless of their constantly evolving looks, we will always remember them as the two blond helmets that used the luggage trolley as a sled for the entire hotel lobby.