Nostalgia Box: Sailor Moon


The main character seems like a normal girl, like all the others, but she was in fact a fighter in sailor clothing

- By Myra Geraldine Meterangelo

Sailor Moon appeared in Italy and in our young lives on 21st February 1995. The anime was broadcasted on Italia 1 and Retequattro between 1995 and 1997 and it’s far from being forgotten!

The leading character is Usagi Tsukino, called Bunny in the European version of the anime. She’s a 13 years old girl, a bit awkward and clumsy, with a great hearth and overflowing emotions.

Bunny is the the chosen one to become Sailor Moon and will soon find out to be the reincarnation of Princess Serenity.

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The first group of all-female warriors

A new heroine became a pop culture heritage, keeping the fascination for her story intact through time, a fascination that comes from both her not-so-perfect life and the universe created around her.

Sailor Moon grew up with us and one of the first things we learned together was the value of friendship. During the first Season Bunny meets the girls that will become her closest friends and also the future Senshi Sailors, with whom she will face the evil defending our world.

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Each Senshi Sailor is different, each one has a distinctive identity and different ways to approach life, but friendship is stronger than differences and each one’s personality gets smoother especially when you have someone to share dreams, projects and hopes with.

Every Sailor carries on her daily struggles between family, everyday life and new and previously unexplored needs.

Each Sailor, as we do, challenged life trying to learn what it means to be an adult.

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And how many times more difficult would have been your life without friends?

Without the support of those around you, who know how to cheer with you for the beautiful moments and piss off if something goes wrong, what value would hard or happy times have had?

And without someone who also knows how to be transparent and honest, when maybe someone else would just let it go, how many times could a true sincere advice have been lost just to avoid a fight?

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We choose our friends. Maybe they’re not exactly like us (and maybe that’s for the best!), but a feeling so deep as friendship have to be based on respect and support to each other (and why not, also bearing with each other sometimes), and it’s also based on the understanding and acceptance of the other, with the guarantied statement that whatever happens, you'll find me here.

The Senshi Sailors fought multiple battles on multiple levels, for both our and their own world, and they were always together. Sailor Moon’s impacted all of us and became a common cause, felt by all with the same strength.

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Senshi Sailors, friends and fighters

  • Ami (Sailor Mercury). Her parents are divorced, she’s the typical role model student, also pretty talented, she spends a lot more time on books than social life.
  • Rea (Sailor Mars). She lost her mother when she was a child and has no contacts with her father. She grew up with her grandad, that drives a shiontoist sanctuary, where she practices as an apprentice. Since her childhood she was never able to really make friends in her hometown.
  • Morea (Sailor Jupiter). She lost both her parents in a plane crash, lives on her own and takes fire quickly. But behind all that energy lies a lovely, protective person, especially with her friends.
  • Marta (Sailor V o Sailor Venus). She was the first Sailor to become conscious of her powers and her nature, and like Bunny has Luna, so Marta has a kitty guide named Artemis.

We could’ve easily said that these five girls were outsiders, but I will never believe you if you tell me that not even once you dreamed of being of them.

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Sailor Moon thought us to not stop on the surface, to a first sight judgment.

This five girls together form something greater. The Sailors carry on their objective with mutual trust, loyalty, boldness, understanding, everything spiced up with the light-hearted mind of adolescency.

Doesn’t it reminds you what you share with your closest friends?

Girl Power

At the start of the 90s and anime like this one was considered innovative, and subverted in a breaking fashion the picturing of female figures of the time.

It was a global success, although there were already other cartoons with prominent female figures, and reason lies in a perfect mix of all the elements characterizing the show. Stylistic choices, like colors and lines, but of course also thematics and topics.

Femininity doesn’t get oversimplified, on the contrary it’s exalted and highly valued. Bunny is a clumsy and also whiny girl (how many times was she going to cry to her friends?), this vulnerability probably made her closer to us (how many times do you go complain to your friends?) and showed us how something we see as a weakness can be turned into a strength. Her skills, her empathy, makes her always get the trust and support of her friend, who can on their side express themselves also thanks to Sailor Moon.

The diversities unite us and make us stronger. Each Sailor represents a different type, different kind of femininity. Drama queen, shy, reserved, spiritual, original, ambitious. Once again a great teaching: there’s no standard version we have to adopt or agree to, in your life it’s important to be whoever you want to be without giving it too much thoughts.

Finally, it’s impossible not to mention the incredible opening the LGBTQI+ culture, that legitimize Sailor Moon as a progressive manifesto of a reality in which spontaneity and beauty of any form of love and expression of oneself is equally appointed and narrated.

Sailor Neptune and Sailor Uranus are the main ambassadors of this ideal, but also Fisheye and the fantastic Sailor Star Lights.

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So many years later Sailor Moon keeps being a true champion of justice and font of inspiration. Usagi Tsukino can be wrong, like any other person, but she never gives up on fighting for what she believes and always finds a way to get up and follow her dreams.

And if you ever lost some episodes, is never too late to catch up!

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