Nostalgia Box: Lizzie McGuire

Who doesn't remember the blonde Lizzie?

By Carolina Guglielmetti

Starring Hilary Duff, at that time the rising star of the small screen, the successful American TV series told the adventures of the young Lizzie McGuire, a sunny and brilliant student struggling with the typical problems of adolescence. Hilary is certainly an icon of our adolescence and protagonist of all those films that have known how to excite us. But it is thanks to Lizzie McGuire that she reached the turning point of her career. Each episode was able to win over 2.3 million viewers, the success became worldwide in a very short time, it reached popularity in the United States as in Italy. Each of us spent at least one afternoon glued to Disney Channel. The series tells the classic adventures of middle school, focusing on the life of Lizzie and her two best friends, Miranda and Gordon. Not forgetting his brother Matt and the most beautiful of the Ethan school with Kate, her eternal rival. A story of these guys, very similar to that of many other teenagers, and maybe this is the secret of their amazing success. To season the special moments of the television series, however, is the Lizzie alter ego, a cute cartoon resembling the protagonist, who lends herself out of the field during the episodes. Pungent and nice, the animated version was never afraid to reiterate its opinion, and... woe to put your feet on your head! Normality and simplicity were definitely the strengths of the series. Everyone had the chance to recognize themselves in the events. There was the episode in which Lizzie quarreled with Miranda, the one in which she fell in love with a boy from a different school, and the one where she had family trouble. More simply, Lizzie McGuire had friendship as her main foundation, and which teenager doesn't dedicate everything to her friends? Here is the secret of success. Let's not forget, however, that the series The Lizzie McGuire Movie was also aired on Disney Channel. What was he talking about? Lizzie decides to leave for Rome with her class and there she meets Paolo, an Italian girl famous for her singing duets with Isabella (an Italian girl just like her). We are not revealing you more ... we believe you already know, and in the opposite case you run to remedy! Revival yes or revival no? There is much talk about the possibility of a return. At the age of 14 years after the first episode aired, Duff itself, during an interview, confirmed the idea. The story would clearly shed on adult life, changes and how Lizzie would deal with it. If everything is confirmed, we can imagine 2020 as the year of exit. We just have to wait, and hope, for further developments.