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Nostalgia Box: Table games

Gather around a table and in a second find yourself making vital strategies for survival. Did you miss the childish feeling of having the world in your hand, in front of numerous pawns and surrounded by friends?

By Myra Geraldine Meterangelo

No fear! 2020 has made board games a trend in the Nostalgia Box format. Why not take advantage of this new Christmas to rediscover old traditions, made of dice, pawns, cards and a lot of strategy?

Tell me which board game you choose, I'll tell you who you are.

There are some table games that we could define as great classics, but as for a film or a TV series also for the table games “de gustibus non disputandum est”.

  • Classicists

Great strategists and scheming enthusiasts never give up a game of Risiko until late at night. Alternatively, the choice of Monopoly is slightly less demanding.

If, on the other hand, you are a lover of noir and crime scenes, you have already tried numerous times to find out who killed Mr. Hugh Black with Cluedo. And to overcome the problem of travel, there is a solution even when there are two at home: Sherlock Holmes Investigative Consultant.

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  • Eye to design

Table games have re-appropriated everyday life allowing us to rediscover the pleasure of being together around a table. This doesn't necessarily mean pulling old dusty packages out of the cellar. Some brands have proposed a sophisticated and modern reinterpretation of great classics.

Hèrmes' Memory for the gentle gymnastics of our brain. The French maison proposes the game of Memory with hand illustrated cards and a refined silver decoration that surrounds the edge.

The recluse is a reinterpretation of the Neapolitan papers by Progetto Undici.

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The designer Laura Marianera developed the idea during the quarantine, for this reason the cards offer personalized illustrations that tell the forced stay at home. To fight the difficult moment with shots of self-irony, or with a knave of tampons!

  • Queen’s Gambit addicted?

Let's face it. We've all stared at the ceiling at least once, after finishing the Queen’s Gambit series.

And everyone, even those to whom chess has always seemed not very stimulating, at least for a moment we thought of recovering the old chessboard of our grandparents or to take a new one.

Alcune scacchiere che non passeranno inosservate:

Here is a short list of boards that will not go unnoticed:

  • Fornasetti. A unique and rare piece, the Fornasetti chessboard is a piece of furniture and at the same time a game set made of silk-screened and hand-lacquered briar.
  • Moooi Chess Table. For those who love the Swedish style, Moooi's chess board is also a perfect table to start the afternoon with a Sicilian opening and a hot herbal tea.
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  • Dodgers and dreamers

Wer ist wer, from an idea by We Are Müesli which during the pandemic transformed an escape room into an opportunity to spend a different evening. This game combines together a number of precious elements: playfulness, performance, storytelling, education and fun!

A Sky of Stars is a game, published by GateOnGames, for true dreamers. It involves the use of felt-tip pens and imagination, to guess the stars and constellations.

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  • Social sensivity

Who's she? From an idea of ​​designer Zuzia Kozerska-Girard, a crowdfunding project funded on Kickstarer and dedicated to women was born. Just like the classic Guess Who?, you need to discover the identity of many women, but it is even more interesting to know their past. The game is also handmade.

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This roundup of new, vintage or revisited board games leads in a single direction. We are social animals.

The exchange, the interaction, a joke left in mid-air during an evening game are fundamental elements for our being. They say that distance helps to see everything with greater clarity. After some time, looking at those large and noisy tables, one can try to appreciate the naturalness of the gestures and the beauty of the chaos typical of these strange human beings.