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Don't play with Miley's freedom (or even ours)

An EP and a project for women and their freedom

By Claudia Matrisciano

“She can wears whatever you want. She can be a virgin. She can sleep with 5 different people. She can be with her husband. She can be with her girlfriend. She can be naked. But she cannot be grasped without her consent"

These words were written by Miley Cyrus, after a fan attacked her while she was at an event with her husband Liam Hemsworth. The boy first grabbed her by the hair, then put his arm firmly around her neck and tried to kiss her. This unpleasant event has, however, on the one hand facilitated and reinforced the cause that Cyrus has been pursuing for some time: the freedom of women.

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A freedom, especially physical, but also mental. A freedom that must not be violated, overtaken, trampled. All this is of vital importance, not only for women but for everyone without distinction. The concept "vital importance" is not a simple way of saying in this case and Miley Cyrus knows this very well. The singer also knows very well the power that images can have, sometimes much more than words. But let's go step by step. On May 31st he debuted "She is Coming" his new EP, with 6 new tracks inside and anticipating two other works, the EP She is Here, expected in summer 2019, and She Is Everything, for the autumn always 2019. Already from the titles and the order of exit we can see the vision of Miley. A new musical project that will contribute to spreading the social cause that, like many other personalities, has been fighting for years. A project that involved two senses: hearing (obviously) and sight. Of these the second sense, the sight in fact, was the true protagonist. At the debut of the EP on his Instagram profile, Miley has published some rather provocative videos and photos and at the center a fundamental theme: the body and freedom of women are and must be inviolable. In the first photo the singer appears brazen with her long tongue (perhaps as famous as her) in front of The Sweet Feminist cake (@thesweetfeminist - profile to follow!) with the phrase "Abortion is healthcare". This is surely the topic on which Miley, like so many activists in this last period, is fighting: the ban against abortion passed as law in Alabama. Abortion is now banned in Alabama. A ban on women's decision-making freedom, a ban for their bodies, a ban for their lives.
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The second photo, instead, portrays Miley with two pink grapefruits in front of her breast. For many, a simple provocative image, a "Miley Cyrus" thing, is actually an image that is worth a thousand words, or rather it is worth five. This photo is, in fact, combined with a very precise phrase or "Don't fuck with my freedom", phrase and photos that are present on a pink sweatshirt produced in collaboration with Marc Jacobs, on sale in a few days on the official website of the brand, whose proceeds will be donated to Planned Parenthood, the partner organization of the project, which deals with birth control services, family planning, sex education and medical assistance for pregnant women of all walks of life and age. This cause is from the stylist (obviously) and from the foundation of Miley, the Happy Hippie Foundation, which deals with supporting young homeless people, as well as the LGBTQI+ community and those in general in difficult situations.
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Miley finally has her feminist manifesto. A garment that in this case is not simply trendy, I don't buy it just because it's Miley Cyrus and Marc Jacobs who created it, I buy it because it's good for something. That image and those words are something, it is not simply a picture of a girl who wants to be provocative and just, those words are not circumstance. Wearing that pink sweatshirt means representing something and trying to make a difference even in your own small way. It means that only we can make decisions for ourselves and nobody else can do it by risking our freedom. An image with a cake and an inscription, or videos in which the dictates of society are made fun of, are more powerful than words and can represent an emotion and have a meaning.