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Do not disturb the operator

You don’t have to disturb Italian cuisine. Thank you!

By Gianfranco Gatta

Here is a nice way to paraphrase the famous joke by Gigi Proietti, dedicated to the “Black Knight”; look for it on the Internet because it is hilarious. In this case the black knight stands for Italian Cuisine.

Two episodes, in the point of blasphemy, undermined the fundamentals of one of our excellences appreciated, envied and often opposed by a people of envious. Just think that in the last ranking of the one hundred best restaurants in the world, only four are Italian; but when ever? From the Alps to the tip of the boot, including islands, Italy is the country with the best restaurants, at even low prices, that the rest of the world dreams and will never have.

Compare the cost of an average lunch in an Italian restaurant with that of any other restaurant in the entire globe, excluding France, and you can be sure to pay at least double. If in Italy an average bottle of wine has an increase of 20/30%, abroad you get over 300%, see the Anglo-Saxon countries.

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No other country in the world, including France, has a GDP where the agri-food chain is 25%, or 538 billion euros. We are talking about a reality that sees an induced formed by as many as 4 million workers engaged in 740 thousand farms, 70 thousand food industries, over 330 thousand catering companies and 230 thousand retail outlets. Numbers, not chatter! (that you eat at carnival, just to stay on topic).

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Then the Anglo-Saxons talk about cooking, with “turkey at Thanksgiving” and “fish and chips”, as their national dishes is all to laugh; just think of the lapidary response of Hercules Poirot to the trusty Hastings: “The British do not have a kitchen, they only have food!”.

Now, that a Scottish man transplanted to London, Gordon Ramsey, who by trade is an entrepreneur, being the owner of several starred restaurants and the television animator, who pretends to be a chef cooking eggs, in front of real world famous chefs, for dishes such as: “the risotto with the gold leaf”, “the pass of chickpeas with shrimps”, “Treasure chest of Venus stuffed with tortellini”, let’s say that Greek cuisine is better than Italian is stuff to immediately withdraw our ambassador from the land of “Evil Albion”.

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With all due respect and sympathy for the Hellenic world it is against all common sense, understood as palate, to argue that a cuisine made of Moussaka, Souvlaki, Gyros Pita, Baklava and Yogurt can compete against a gastronomy composed of a thousand varieties of risotto, pasta dishes, soups, roasts, game, boiled meats and supreme seafood cuisine, not to mention the endless production of cheeses and wines. 

Speaking of tortellini, the tradition of Modena wants that in a spoon should enter five; I doubt that Mr Ramsey has the dexterity of an Emilian/Romagna azdora, yes such invoice. 

Since the Foreign Minister does not have the authority to do so, the modest proposal is that the two Italian restaurants owned by Mr Ramsey should be boycotted on a permanent basis, until they are completely bankrupt. Yes, let him get hit in the wallet!

The second episode belongs to the series: “Let’s get hurt”In Treviso there was the Tiramisù World Cup, where the jury chose from two hundred pastry chefs, non-professional, the two best sweets in the world, in classic and creative versions.

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To talk about this classic cake, you can not ignore the dispute between Veneto and Friuli for the paternity of the origins and without thinking of contamination both Habsburg and Savoy; there are also variants for this classic spoon, all acceptable and tasty be said incidentally, which broaden the discussions among gourmets. So we gladly accept the verdict in the classic section, knowing that we are not wrong to anyone.

What cries out for revenge is the response to what concerns the creative section that saw win a tiramisu with ham and melonOr tempora or mores!

Already the appetizer “ham and melon” is something of extremely kitsch, for use and consumption of restaurateurs who have a very high revenue in presenting 3/4 slices of ham and two slices of melon, equal to twice the cost of a pound of cured meat and a whole fruit.

A mixture of melon mouse, roasted ham and biscuits Pavesini is certainly not delicious, but they are tastes; what is unacceptable is that they allowed such a mess, to boast of the rank of TiramisùThen in Treviso, then!

Who knows what the good Aldo Campeol, who died in these days and a restaurateur of excellence in the March of Treviso, to whom rightly or wrongly is attributed the invention of Tiramisù; Certainly he was the one who since the late '60s made the dessert famous throughout Italy and later in the world. 

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The moral is without neglecting the usual kindness: “You must not disturb the Italian cuisine. Thank you!”.