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Nike and Laureus launch the #MADETOPLAY project

The girls of today will be the changemakers of tomorrow

By Alessia Amorosini

On the occasion of the “International Day of Girls”, Nike and Laureus Sport for Good Italia celebrate young women, stimulating their leadership in sports so that all aspects of their life are reflected.

The “Made To Play” project provides training for coaches that deals with the needs and requirements of girls but also how to trigger change that can lead to a more equitable future.

In Italy, female participation in sport is very low, in this regard “Made To Play” emphasizes the importance of activating girls.

“International Girls' Day is a time to focus attention on what girls around the world need and deserve”, says Jorge Casimiro, Nike's Chief Social and Community Impact Officer, “girls face unique and ongoing barriers to play, but they are reinventing what sport can be for them”.

The message of inclusion will be underlined by the presence of about 200 children from two primary schools in the suburbs of Milan, the goal is to ensure that at least 50% of the participants, including coaches, are women.

Nike is also committed to donating sports bras to several sports associations in Milan, to guarantee girls the necessary comfort and break down every barrier.

Young girls need to be able to believe in their leadership skills and who better than the champion Valentina Diouf, Italian volleyball player and Laureus Italy ambassador, can send a motivational message about it ?! In fact, she states:

“The girls are strong and they make a difference. With sport, we are more independent and confident than we are, able to overcome barriers and obstacles that seem insurmountable. As athletes, we have the power to influence girls, continuing to inspire them and helping them reinvent what sport can be for them”

Just do it GIRLS!