Nike Air Force 1 Shadow: the silhouette revisited in a feminine way

Fabiola and Giulietta explain why it is one of their favorite sneakers of the season

By acrimonia

The attention to the role of women by the sports world is finally higher in recent times. Today, women's football is worthy of consideration by public opinion and there are more and more initiatives by brands that approach the fairer sex, satisfying it in the pragmatic needs and offering them an aesthetic revisitation of products more girly and, therefore , more appealing.

Nike is one of the first macro companies that understood this need and wanted to get closer to the everyday life of women in the broad sense. There are several capsules dedicated to the world of women's sports that have made them talk about the extreme communicative act of inclusion which they have been advocates of, among the most important we remember the Nike Hijab of two years ago.

But beyond this, the brand has decided to revisit several iconic sneakers in a girly way, so that they can get as close as possible to young women and their looks.

Fabiola and Giulietta have tried the new Nike Air Force 1 Shadow for Acrimònia and then explain to us why such sneaker was immediately chosen for one of their favorites of the season.


"I am not a sneaker head, yet I find myself wearing a pair almost every day. The Nike Air Force 1 has always been part of my wardrobe, which I think I can define it bon ton, and I've always found it very useful to break and to make my looks, made up mostly of lace, embroidery and vintage buttons, up-to-date. Last year I was in love with the Nike AF1 in pink suede, this year I was struck by the pastel colors of the Shadow and since it entered my shoe rack is in pole position :) I really appreciate the work that Nike does for all women, it is a positive and above all comprehensible message.In my opinion, when speaking is a colossus of this magnitude, it is difficult not to listen to its voice... so thanks! "


I often wear men's suits, men's shirts and trousers fished out of my father's 15-year-old wardrobe (see my pictures!). Then, alternate, pencil skirts, long dresses, and pastel-colored socks. I don't feel like I belong to a defined category when I talk about my style. I focus, often, on the uniqueness of the garment I wear, I try to understand its versatility, the more it can be shown on different occasions, the better. The only diktat of my life is the “sneakers” (what a beautiful term!). I have an infinite number of them, although I’m not a sneaker ’system fetishist. I've never been interested in the last issue, in the limited edition, in the shoe that arouses interest because that's what everyone wants. But the pastel-colored Nike AF1 is perfect, last, limited, cool, and girly enough. My look, how to deny it, proves it…”