New Balance Grey Day: the event in Milan

Special Sneakers Club hosted the celebrations of grey

By acrimonia

2019_09_05-Cubica-NewBalance_Reportage-Evento-9 Milan, September 5th, 2019, Special Sneakers Club. 2019_09_05-Cubica-NewBalance_Reportage-Evento-2 2019_09_05-Cubica-NewBalance_Reportage-Evento-44 2019_09_05-Cubica-NewBalance_Reportage-Evento-130 Grey was confirmed as the protagonist during the event organized in the city to celebrate the 39-year-old bond between color and New Balance. Three leading artists have interpreted the union between the two worlds in their personal and intimate manner. Cristina Troisi with her photographic project “Echo Chamber”, Vittoria Xerra with her artworks and Marcello Calabrese with his culinary experiments. 2019_09_05-Cubica-NewBalance_Ritratti-Artisti-3 2019_09_05 Cubica NewBalance_Ritratti Artisti-8 2019_09_05 Cubica NewBalance_Ritratti Artisti-13 The 5 iconic sneakers to accompany the New Balance family as an integral part of the atmosphere and the imaginary “Grey runs in the family”. The images of the guests in b/w have together strengthened the concept of family of which the brand is a promoter. 2019_09_05-Cubica-NewBalance_Reportage-Evento-135 2019_09_05-Cubica-NewBalance_Reportage-Evento-149 We are all New Balance!