New Balance Grey Day: the color as protagonist from 39 years

Grey love’s brand declined in five iconic sneakers

By acrimonia

For New Balance the grey’s celebration doesn’t just mean the celebration of a color. For this brand, Grey is a representation of its heritage, a symbol of the spirit of independence that strongly characterizes it. The shade was used for the first time in 1980 with the intention of allowing footwear to adapt to the lifestyle of that time and to approach the urban attitude. From that moment on, New Balance and grey no longer dared to part. newbalancegreyday_acrimoniamagazine3 This year, five silhouettes representing New Balance's authenticity were chosen to celebrate the bond. Each of these has a story telling, a particular experience and the peculiarity of being considered iconic in the brand travel. On September 5th, the brand will globally celebrate the union with grey. In Milan, an exclusive event at Special Sneakers Club, always engaged in promoting sneakers culture, will see three talent as protagonists of the moment, each advocate of a different path: Cristina Troisi, Vittoria Xerra and Marcello Calabrese. newbalancegreyday_acrimoniamagazine2 Cristina's project, photographer and video artist, is called “Echo Chamber” is a multimedia collection of different sensations, memories and visions. It is the emblem of an introspective journey, sharing with the public different intimate moments. Vittoria creates artworks. The techniques used are different. For New Balance the artist is committed to creating shopping bags with contrasting graphics. Marcello is a chef. His experiment is to not care about the limits and to use grey in the choice of ingredients, in the preparation and presentation of the proposed dishes. The 5 sneakers will be available starting September 5th in Special Sneakers Club and in New Balance single-brand stores. newbalancegreyday_acrimoniamagazine1