8D music: here's how to replace concerts during quarantine

But remember to use the earphones!

By Fabiola Graziosi

8D music. We have often heard about it these days and between those who shouted at the miracle, those who called it the trend of the year and those who decreed the phenomenon instead, "nothing special", I really didn't know what position to take.

Quarantine acted bipolarly on my mind. Of the days, staying at home electrifies me and makes me think about how many new things I could dedicate or discover, and others, in which I would prefer to simply scratch between sofa and Netflix.

I discovered 8D music on one of those days full of emphasis (luckily), they put the earphones in my ears and started playing an electronic music song.

The effect was "new" for me, but not being the one chosen, to fully my musical genre, I thought of changing tracks to discover and appreciate this (let's call it) technology.

I immediately thought of all the concerts I had planned this spring, which unfortunately I will not be able to attend. I put play to a track that I could listen to in a few months live, with shorts and fresh beer in hand.

8D music literally transports to another dimension, according to experts, the sound is "manipulated". The brain cannot recognize where it comes from and where it is headed. This allows our mind to feel completely wrapped in music, just as if we were listening to a live.

I know, it is a meager consolation but, for anyone who had, like me, a concert scheduled, he will be able to temporarily remedy this. Remember the headphones (and why not, even beer) I recommend!