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BEST OF 2021: Moana, when intelligence becomes talent

Una Dea è per sempre!

By Fabiola Graziosi

It happens to all the “greats of the show to slip into some injury: it happened in Crozza, in San Remo, at the Fazio Festival, to make a sensational mistake in the lineup which, as the first release, of a gallery of imitations, presented himself in the role of Berlusconi ; the audience interpreted that imitation as a political attack on the Knight and the actor was booed loudly.

Had he put Berlusconi in the middle of the lineup, as a second or third outing, Crozza would have conquered all the audience in the hall; from that shock it took him nearly a year to recover.

On the other hand, Sabina Guzzanti, who hasn't even noticed her personal artistic slip, is not new in terms of gaffe; his imitation of Moana Pozzi, praised by friendly critics, was completely off target, a parody clearly declined in the grotesque. He made a vamp doll, Jessica Rabbit style, irascible to criticism and arrogant to flattery; nothing further from how Moana was, full of wit and irony.

Pretty she was, as well as sensual and desirable, but what made her a cut above all was her intelligence, never ostentatious but which was perceived as soon as one listened to her. Perhaps Guzzanti's problem, common to many, is that she does not know how to listen, perhaps because, as a good Roman, she thinks she was "born learned".

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Un post condiviso da Moana Pozzi (@moana_pozzi_tribute)

Why Moana has devoted herself to the cause of Hardcore, when with her skills she could have taken Hollywood and turned it around like a sock is something that doesn't concern us, she certainly didn't do it for business unlike her mentor, in the industry , Riccardo Schicchi and his partner Ilona Staller.

With hindsight it is legitimate to think that her was a cultural choice to reaffirm the freedom of customs and thought, who knows!

Born in the comfort of a bourgeois family, with a good culture, she left Genoa at the age of eighteen to venture to Rome and provide for herself alone; after her debut in a short film, alongside Renzo Arbore, she immediately had television contracts, in Rai, for a children's program, until she was dismissed due to the discovery (who knows how) of some executives of her presence in erotic films, albeit under a pseudonym. Private vices and public virtues ?!

In the first Talk Shows of the time, above all the “Maurizio Costanzo Show”, he was a popular guest because with her attractiveness she knew how to decline strong themes such as the fight against corruption, civil rights and freedom of expression; as for sex he merely said: “Mine is a conscious eroticism. I make love and I enjoy it. I did what I wanted ”.

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Un post condiviso da Moana Pozzi (@moana_pozzi_tribute)

He understood Porn as a social commitment, so much so that in 92 and 93 she presented herself in Rome, in the political and municipal elections, then, with the Party of Love; she did not have much luck, also because she began to feel ill and shortly thereafter, 1994, she would be gone, at only 33 years old. Epic age for many "greats" of the show.

On her death, in twenty-seven years, the most despicable mystifications have been made so as to induce, in 2004, the Public Prosecutor's Office of Rome to open an investigation to determine if Moana was still alive. Over the years, programs such as “Who has seen it”, “Enigma” and investigations by the newspaper “Il Messaggero” have dealt with these alleged rumors.

The media looting is something very different from the popular dream that: “A Goddess is forever”!