Millie Bobby Brown returns to collaborate with Converse


By acrimonia

Millie Bobby Brown, actress and now, above all, an icon of style for all the teenagers (and for those who think or would still like to be) back to collaborate, after this summer with Converse.

Chuck is undoubtedly the accessory that Millie has never given up, inside and outside the set. An iconic and representative sneaker of his personality: simple, versatile, able to enhance or accompany any kind of look.

Brown's message is to be yourself, to feel free to bring out your own courage and personality. This concept has been enclosed for this collaboration in a few but effective words: BE YOU.

The silhouettes made for the capsule are precisely three, one Chuck 70 and two Chuck. For the first time the actress decided to use different shades of pink, while for the other two she worked with colors on the details. The removable patches that recite the BE YOU mantra are in fabric and chenille and dress the black and white versions.

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