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ME. x Foot Locker: by Melody Ehsani

The capsule collection dedicated to basketball

By Giulia Lucci

Today in Milan, Foot Locker announced its latest collection.

Entirely dedicated to basketball, designed by Melody Ehsani, the brand's new creative director, this is just the first of a long series of collections that will leave us amazed.

Melody Ehsani in addition to holding the role of female creative director of Foot Locker is also the founder of the streetwear brand “ME.”. Her experience in the field of streetwear has allowed her to have a unique and completely unconventional stylistic vision.

Her personal taste and style that have emerged for some time through the collections of her personal line are slowly making their way into the women's collections created for Foot Locker.

This first capsule collection is the proof. Street style and refinement both enclosed in simple basketball clothing. The lines chosen, in most cases oversized, which give the garments a feeling of comfort without losing accuracy, mean that every look is perfect for every physical form.

Melody Ehsani's goal is to motivate and encourage all women to love themselves and their passions. In fact, the collection was born from the designer's love for streetwear and basketball.

“I don't think it's possible to wait for others to see who we are; we have to see ourselves. Always living the whole of oneself is the secret to moving around the world”, in fact, declares the designer.

Love for oneself, for what one does and for one's passions, Foot Locker is another brand that is committed to raising awareness among its consumers in respect of themselves and their dreams.

An unmissable capsule collection both from a stylistic and moral point of view, we will look forward to the next ones with trepidation.



Image: Foot Locker Press Office