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Purifying masks: 5 completely sustainable versions of clay

When cosmetics are cool for the skin and for the mood.

By Angela De Gregorio

The nice thing about face masks is that they are an intelligent tool, through which we can target small skin problems from time to time or amplify the effectiveness of our daily routine. Especially in moments when our body, and therefore our skin, are put to the test, dedicating an extra moment to the care of our largest organ, or the skin, can only have positive effects, on the body but also on the mood!

With the heaters on all day, the mask to wear and the climate that transits towards winter, the possibility of occasional imperfections or pimples increase, but we can contain the damage by implementing hydration and resorting to a purifying mask during the week.

Below, as always, I leave you some of my favorites, which have a single ingredient as their theme, available in different types and colors: clay! One of the oldest ingredients to be used in cosmetics, but which after all this time proves to be as useful as the first time, as well as completely sustainable.

  • Dottor Roebuck’s Uluru Mask

    It's a purifying mask with Australian red clay. This mask is a bit messy to remove, because it is made of red clay, but it's worth it thanks to its calming and purifying properties. Red clay is also known for its anti-inflammatory properties, therefore perfect for a soothing and purifying effect on the entire face, as well as on individual imperfections.


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  • Himalaya Herbals purifying Neem mask

    The clay in this mask, combined with the antibacterial properties of Neem, helps fight widespread imperfections, and also has an excellent purifying effect on a t-zone that shines often, regulating excess sebum

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  • Lush, Mask of Magnaminty

    This mask is a cult mask that needs no introduction, based on green clay and with an unmistakable mentholated scent, if used regularly it is a valid ally to keep the skin clean and reduce blackheads. Now also available in its self-preserving version, and has the plus of being effective on the body too!

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  • Cattier Paris, Masque Argile

    With pink clay and aloe vera. This purifying mask is also perfect for sensitive skin or which usually does not require a deep purifying action. Delicate and effective, pink clay is known for its ability to absorb toxins, which has been used for centuries in cosmetics. Purifies and at the same time remineralizes delicate skin.

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  • This last mask is a do-it-yourself recipe
    Simple to make and perfect if we only need a purifying mask periodically. Just mix a teaspoon of white clay (kaolin) with a little water, or a hydrosol if you prefer, and a few drops of honey. Applied all over the face, or only on certain areas, and held on for 5 minutes, it will help to keep imperfections under control and to anti-inflammatory skin, without excessively dehydrating, thanks to the presence of honey and hydrolat.

There is a clay for each of us, just find the most suitable one!