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Make-up: better if multipurpose!

Why using a product for one purpose only, if we can find at least two?

By Angela De Gregorio

Lately I stopped to analyze my buying habits, and I realized that what closes the deal for me is a specific feature of the products in question: multipurpose. What attracts me most in a product, whether it is skin care or make-up, is its versatility, being able to serve more than one purpose, being able to split up. Give me a face cream that becomes illuminating, a primer that turns into a face mask, a blush that acts as a lipstick and you will have my attention!

Below I will show you some of my absolute favorites, because two, three, four in one is always better than one!

  • Weleda Skin Food - this is a real pillar in the beauty community with a real host of followers. The uses of this creamy, thick and nourishing balm are many, excellent to pat on the cheekbones and eyelids for a super natural highlighting, also excellent to apply on the lips to hydrate them, since it also contains lanolin. Its grassy scent is extremely relaxing, making it perfect for a facial massage as well. There are those who use it as a hand cream and those who even apply it on the face, for dry skin it could actually help, perhaps mixed with some face oil! In short, it is a real wild card, to always keep at hand. A light version has also existed for some years!
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  • Lime crime Softwear Blush in Digital Peach - this blush has a cream / powder texture, which makes it perfect for use on the cheeks but also dabbed on the lips and applied to the eyes. The shade range contains neutral and super pop colors, Digital Peach is one of my favorites, among the most versatile of the color range, but you can really indulge yourself here!
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  • Dr Bronner’s Castile Magic Soap - this is the OG of multi-use products. It is a soap which is much more than a soap. A cult product that can be used as a cleanser for anything, and by anything I mean: body, hair, face, teeth (!), Floors, laundry, and so on. It exists in solid and liquid form, has a vegan formula and many different fragrances. The label literally reads 18 in 1, I would say that we won't find more multitask than this!
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  • Clarins Beauty Flash Balm - this cream for tired skin is an excellent ally for when we feel we need a lifting and moisturizing boost. It is an excellent primer, to be applied with movements from the bottom up, and which can be used under the foundation and even on its own. The beauty of this product is that it doubles to become an excellent soothing mask, perfect if we have taken too much sun, after being immersed in the pool water, but also to soothe irritation from external factors, I'm talking about you...
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  • Mac Powder Kiss Lipstick in Devoted to Chili - this shade is an offshoot of Mac's famous cult lipstick, Chili. And like its progenitor it is a beautiful vibrant and moderately warm brick red. But the amazing thing about this lipstick is the texture, super thin and halfway between cream and powder, which makes it perfect to be used all-over- as a lipstick, whether applied in full color, or tapped with your fingers or with a fluffy brush for a blurred effect. On the cheeks as a beautiful blush, but also on the eyelids, with a blending brush, for a super fast and monochrome look.
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Photo by Linh Ha on Unsplash