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But what a world they tell us

While Istat draws an Italy with dark colors, the narrative of print and TV pushes without restraint on the keys of obsessive dramatization and voyerism. Who pays the bill? Always the same: young people

By Gianfranco Gatta

"Beauty will save the world", said Dostoevskij, but to read the latest report reviewed by Istat (21 April 2022) there is no need to be sure: Italy is a sad country where the social gap has increased, which also affects the life expectancy at birth. In the midst of a black crisis, culture, a sector that has lost 55 thousand workers in two years; well-being is growing, but without equity and, even more serious, adolescents who say they are dissatisfied with life are doubling. 

"The same phenomena of bullying, violence and vandalism by very young people, which in recent months have occupied the news, are extreme manifestations of a widespread and perhaps not transitory suffering and restlessness", says the president of Istat, Gian Carlo Blangiardo, in the presentation of the report on Fair and Sustainable Wellbeing.

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To aggravate the Italian situation is the statistical aspect on the demographic state, with catastrophic forecasts for the next fifteen years: from the current sixty million inhabitants we will increase to about forty-seven and a half million in 2070.

In this social fabric that seems destined to a slow cupio dissolvi, the narrative declaimed by the Information is all the time, with the egocentric complacency of conductors and commentators, towards the exaltation of the tragedy as not even the Greek singers of the Athenian theater. 

Pandemic, war, endless cases of black chronicle rise to the role of mythos without any literary and social dignity, but repeated endlessly to assume a narrative at the limits of the most vulgar pornography.

It has gone from virologists who have said everything about the pandemic and its opposite, to generals who anticipate scenarios of war from nuclear conflict, as if they were taking a tea in a private living room, in the company of ladies caught by chills. A continuous and persistent dramatization that does not take into account the psychological destabilization of the viewer and reflection on the population.

The looting with which the news cases are treated by all the programs in the morning and afternoon on TV, starting with the little Denise Pipitone to end with the absurd story of the principal of Montale high school, treated as a mantis without any foundation, has that acrid and stale taste of the voyeurism of the most petty province.

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Not that the press is any less, rather, it acts as a start for the television megaphone, as in the case of acute hepatitis, the WHO: "169 cases in the world, a dead child: insights on adenovirus as a cause". 

Here’s a new collective hysterics!

Where has ended the critical spirit of intellectuals is not given to know, since it is convenient to all align themselves to the unique thought of politically correct, except then divide ideologically on any nonsense bullshit as the masks, the green pass up to the distinction between freedom and resistance.

On the occasion of April 25, the date that celebrates the liberation from Nazi Fascism, the "intellectual end" Giampiero Mughini writes to Dagospia all his outrage for the words heard on the occasion of the celebrations. Meanwhile he asserts that fascism "there is no more shadow" and living in his small ancient world there is to believe him!

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Then he hurls himself against the nexus resistance and liberation, treating the Italian resistance and in particular the Roman one as an acolyte of young marmots of Disneyan memory; Only the Americans won the war for him and he has no heart to say that Russia has left 20 million dead in the field. He is also betrayed by the memory that Mussolini was arrested, in his flight to Switzerland, in Dongo, by the partisans of the 52nd Garibaldi Brigade. 

How easy it is to mistake history for rhetoric!

IMAGES: Photo by mauro mora on Unsplash