Love Beauty and Planet: the brand with the planet in the heart

Finally is coming also in Italy

By acrimonia

Our planet is exhausted and its resources are probably already exhausted for a long time. Precisely for this reason it is really very important that we all behave consciously towards nature. It is also important that companies of any nature are beginning to produce in respect of our Earth, our home. In this regard, one of the most green beauty projects is Love Beauty and Planet, which is finally coming to Italy too. It is a brand that offers skincare products for hair, face and body totally respecting nature. The origin of the products is always 100% natural and made with elements from ethical and sustainable sources. Maximum care has also been taken in the packaging, the containers are in fact all completely recycled and recyclable. lovebeautyandplanet_acrimoniamagazine5  lovebeautyandplanet_acrimoniamagazine3 lovebeautyandplanet_acrimoniamagazine1lovebeautyandplanet_acrimoniamagazine6lovebeautyandplanet_acrimoniamagazine2 lovebeautyandplanet_acrimoniamagazine5