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The banner of Verona and the Italian hypocrisy

Delusion of omnipresence, boorish boorishness, total absence of measure

By Gianfranco Gatta

Please don't talk about satire. How can you define such the welcome that Alfonso Signorini reserved for Ilary Blasi, guest of the "Big Brother Vip": "Ilary, I read that you are separated at home and that you are divorcing. if you want I can introduce you to Alex Belli "? And then he adds, with self-centered sympathy (!): "Maybe I have started to fuck for six months since I haven't hit a nail." Delusion of omnipresence, boorish boorishness, total absence of measure.

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Please don't talk about the freedom of satire in front of the banner displayed on the night between Saturday and Sunday outside the Bentegodi, where the coordinates for bombing the city of Naples are drawn. It should be considered for what it is: a criminal offense of incitement to commit a crime.

But unfortunately we are the country of hypocrisy, of strong cowards with the weak and fearful in the face of the strong, we are the country of the brawler pack that wants to instill fear, that moves compactly bullying and sometimes raping; we are the country that is indignant afterwards and never prevents.

We come from Cicero, we are the country of rhetoric.

In the delinquency of that banner there is genius, which has nothing to do with satire, mocked him, ignorance, social unease and all the rhetoric that is used to narrate in similar cases; "There is genius", it was said, which presupposes a scheme aimed at violent opposition, not only in action but above all in thought, which inevitably leads to destabilization. Behind that banner there is a secular culture that cannot be classified as atavistic parochialism, but must be declined for what it has always been: racism.

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In the country that is the cradle of Catholicism, its values and its education, there are pockets of racism that are growing more and more thanks to the Web and all its derivatives; there are adult individuals, educated, of good social level who “trawl” on the Net, spreading well-studied fakes, proposing theories and conspiracies capable of influencing the largest mass of young people, poorly educated and for the most part disadvantaged. By fueling this type of racism, you are giving it a North Star, with all that goes with it.

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In the recent history of our country, it was once called a "strategy of tension";

bearing in mind that in history it has always been the bourgeoisie to dictate the rules for the revolution, perhaps having tea at five in the evening. Then it was the masses who took up the pitchforks and attacked the ovens.

Satire is something else!