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The Women’s Question: The Ideal World

What young women don’t say

By acrimonia

What does it mean today to belong to the female gender? What are the thoughts of young women? What don’t they say and what do they have the courage to point out? A redaction composed of only women gives the heterogeneous answer to an all too much treated question of which the treatment, however, still leaves to be desired: the question of women.

Francesca Parravicini

My dream for a fair and ideal world is simple simple and perhaps for this reason it is considered extremely bizarre: that women are treated primarily as people, with a body and a soul, worthy of being multidimensional, multifaceted, unique.

Camilla Alcini

The world I want for women...  When I think about it, the first things that come to my mind always sound trivial: respect, freedom, equality, opportunity. But is it not more sad than banal that these thoughts are a hope for the future and not our present reality? I have often been seen as weaker as a woman, academically, at work and in discussions. I want a world where no girl should ever feel that way. My mom sacrificed many aspects of her career for the family. I would like a world in which no woman, ambitious as my mother or not, should feel compelled to sacrifice anything to fulfill the role that society wants. A friend of mine would be considered very bad by some people if they knew about her sex life, the one that if a man told another man would make him "a great cool". I want a world where my friend can do what she wants without being judged. Perhaps more than anything, I would like a world with respect and without judgment, because it is precisely by respecting a woman, a person who lets herself be what she is: wonderfully and uniquely her.

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As Miranda would say 💪🏻 #Acrimònia #girlpower #womenempowerment #miranda #satc #sexandthecity #female

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Margherita Verdiani

I’d like to see the obnoxious and stale expression “Make sure you get carried by your boyfriend” to the restaurant, to the sea, to the cinema. I do not “get carried”, I am not a “thing” of his property and if we want to go together, as two people with equal ability of decision. We are not inanimate parcels and we must not submit to those who appeal to us as such.

Claudia Matrisciano

We must be ambitious, but not too much, attentive to the way we dress, but not too much. You must be nice, light, affable, but, at the same time, you must also have courage; but, if you answer and that their courage and strength you have, you must be overwhelmed by your interlocutor (not surprisingly declined to masculine). If you have too much character, you are out, you must know how to moderate. You can not ask for more. We grew up and became women with these dogmas. Sometimes we are like concrete, firm, hard, with cracks but always there, even with some damage, some small break. We’re also silk, light, fluctuating, feminine. We are the day and also the night. Today is June 30th, 2020… but why am I still writing these words and justifying what I am?

Jessica Marinetto

I want a world that doesn’t make me feel inferior because I’m a woman.   A world in which my word, my thought and my commitment are as valid as any man’s. A world that does not judge me for my choices, that does not make me feel inadequate when I’m wrong and that is not surprised by my strength and courage that I have built with so much effort over time to be able to live, or better survive, in this society.

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Donna secondo Acrimònia: Forza, lucidità, concretezza, raziocinio, tenacia. Capacità di vincere in maniera naturale. Armonia, sguardo, dolcezza, grazia, eleganza. Infinita propensione verso un amore che non pretende risposta. Autorevolezza, attitudine nel trovare soluzioni. Oggi si celebra la giornata internazionale della donna: sfruttiamo l’occasione per dire che è necessario mettere in campo un grande sforzo collettivo, affinché l’istruzione, lo studio, la conoscenza e il rispetto verso l’altro tornino a essere al centro della vita di ogni angolo del nostro paese. Questo a vantaggio di tutti, anche degli uomini, per i quali non si ha notizia che nel corso dell’anno sia mai stata programmata una festa analoga a quella della donna. Non pare difficile capire perché. #acrimonia #acrimoniamagazine #womensempowerment #women #march8th #womensday #happywomensday #vivaladonna #womensupportingwomen #womenspower

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Giulia Lucci

We live in the twenty-first century, we boast of having gone with an open mind but the truth is that we still have to hear certain things about women. As a young woman I would like to live in a world where gender equality (July 1st, 1996) is truly respected and implemented. I would like a woman who, when a woman reaches a work goal, is not recognized by her appearance but by her abilities. I wish that when a woman is out of her mind from anger or morals she is not trivially blamed for the menstrual cycle. I would like to live in a world where women can do the same jobs as men, the same sports, without having to be told that women must be feminine and that therefore certain things "do not do for them". But most of all, I’d like to live in a world where women don’t have to be afraid of anything.

Myra Meterangelo

I believe that every one of us, in life, can change his or her mind or get better, get to emancipate himself from the culture that formed him. But I also think it is crucial that this capacity is stimulated and stimulated. To overcome a block that, according to the facts, should already be overcome by years of struggles for gender affirmation needs a concrete commitment but also the ability to get closer to those who have opinions and ways of doing adverse to ours. I want to believe that human beings are better than we feel today.