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The new life of used products by Timberland is called Timberloop™ Take-Back Program

The Timberland recycling program launches April 22nd

By Giulietta Riva

We hear about circularity, green revolution, eco-innovation goals on a daily basis. From the more specific context, hand in hand to the wider. 

It is no coincidence that the 2030 agenda of the UN has become bread for the teeth of a generation, ours, increasingly aware and projected towards a more sustainable future, respecting a Planet that has taken too many slaps.  

In this perspective, the new and ethically noble initiative of Timberland takes place: Timberloop Take-Back Program. In its simplest sense: “nothing is thrown away”. 

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Through this program, in fact, consumers are incentivized to return any Timberland pieces they own that they no longer put for one reason or another (the brand does not care) and the same will be disassembled to reuse some parts, recycled into new product, refurbished and sold on a dedicated website. 

The initiative involves all Timberland stores in the UK, Germany, France and Italy and kicks off on the occasion of the World Earth Day, April 22nd.

To the initial idea are added the marked containers, present in all the monobrand stores of the brand and supported by a digital possibility of shipping from home. 

Here the indications:

Last but not least: it is in this context, then, that the Timberloop hiking shoe is launched. Trekker made of a unique structure for which, with the cutting of a seam, the sole can be easily (we swear!) disassembled and removed, and each part consequently recycled. 

The time has come for everyone to wink at a greener way of seeing things. There is no more time to waste. 


IMAGES: Timberland Press Office