The new NUXE skincare line for combination skin

Keywords: fresh and glowy

By Sara Caposiena

As Millenials, the impurities and smog to which our skin is exposed are much more consistent than before, and it is good to take care of them already at a young age.

What better time if not the summer to stop using the foundation and show your skin?! NUXE has specially created a skincare line to protect and purify the face for the warm season, the collection includes three brand new products:

PURIFYING MICRO-EXFULIAN GEL acquabellaNUXE_acrimoniamagazine2 A gel that cleanses and exfoliates the skin without drying it, thanks to its active ingredients it can be used daily. Women say that the skin is instantly purified, and the complexion is fresh. After 28 days, the skin is cleaner.

               150ml tube - € 13.90

• BEAUTY DETECTING MOISTURIZING EMULSION acquabellaNUXE_acrimoniamagazine3 It has a targeted action adapting to the needs of the various areas of the face: it moisturizes dry areas thanks to hyaluronic acid, and instead dulls the oily ones thanks to siliceous powder.

50ml dispenser bottle - € 25.90

BEAUTY REVEALING LOTION ESSENCE acquabellaNUXE_acrimoniamagazine5 With the emulsion, this lotion helps to moisturize and balance the various areas of the face, leaving a fresh sensation on the skin.

200ml bottle - € 16.90

With a mix of natural-vegetable products and the best skincare ingredients, NUXE has designed this new collection for combination skin, without having to apply too many products or silicon bases!