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Salvini's atomic Milan

Minister revives nuclear power: "First power station in 2032". But where do we put it? Take your pick.


From Milan the moral capital to Milan the nuclear capital. If the first definition has its roots in time, the second is a fresh, indeed very fresh fruit of the government led by Giorgia Meloni. It was 1881 when the city put on a showcase by hosting the Industrial Fair (the Expo of the time) and a journalist of Neapolitan origin, Ruggero Bonghi, editor of the newspaper "La Perseveranza", attached to the Lombard metropolis a label that would endure to the present day, that of moral supremacy.

It was at the beginning of October in Rome, during the conference "I week nuclear, can it be done?" that the very active Infrastructure Minister Matteo Salvini threw the project on the table: "As a Milanese, I would like the first power plant in Milan. I would like a state-of-the-art reactor in my city". Bim bum bam: after the bridge over the Strait of Gibraltar, here is the plan to provide the country with clean energy, so clean that even Greta Thunberg, the gretina, as the newspapers that praise the government call her, has declared herself against the German decision to renounce the atom while continuing to burn coal. "I asked the technicians in my ministry," - Salvini pointed out -. "If we start in 2024, we can turn on the first reactor of a nuclear power plant in 2032." Easy, or not?

In spite of the 1987 referendum in which the Italians, still reeling from the Chernobyl disaster, rejected nuclear power with the consequent closure of the four power stations then active in the Peninsula, the latest polls see the supporters of the atom on the rise. Although we know well that, when we move from ideas to facts, opinions change very quickly. For example: where do we put this nuclear power plant in Milan? In which district?

So as not to dampen the minister's enthusiasm, Acrimònia has decided to propose five possible sites, illustrating for each one the points that might make it a good choice. And to ask readers to indicate which one is their favourite.

  1. Duomo to make the Madunina shine
  2. Citylife to give value to the grandeur of the facility
  3. The Navigli for the ease of finding water for cooling
  4. San Siro to encourage stadium lighting
  5. Baggio, close to the waste-to-energy plant to encourage waste disposal

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Illustration by Gloria Dozio - Acrimònia Studios