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Celebs's Covid-free Dolce Vita

Followers beat swab 1-0

By Alessandra Nava

The latest news that made thousands of Italian angry comes from an IG it-girl. Asia Valente, a very popular influencer and model with 1.2 million followers on Instagram, has saluted the summer with trip to Croatia.

Green passes, tampons and vaccines did not stop Valente, who confessed the ups&downs of her entry into Croatia. The tampon she had undergone was invalid, and the influencer was stuck for a couple of hours at the mercy of the Croatian health bureaucracy.

Then, here's the stroke of genius. Asia shows her Instagram profile to the authorities, proving that she is an influential personality who could do nothing but benefit the local economy. Followers beat buffer, and here is Valente enjoying the holiday happily.

The anecdote, told by the same influencer on social networks, made both her followers and the public opinion shook and angry, denouncing how there are different kind of privileged travelers based on their notoriety.

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However, Asia Valente is neither the first nor the last to take advantage of celebrity (and money, of course) to indulge in a Dolce Vita even in times of Covid-19.

Last March, in full second (or third? Who remembers it anymore) wave, Justin Bieber decided to celebrate his birthday with his wife Hailey Bieber in romantic Paris, the city of love.

While millions of people around the world were partakers of a painful and necessary paralysis that kept them locked up at home, the two newlyweds, thanks to financial availability and world fame, were able to enjoy a sweet Parisian randez-vous.

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After a 2020 of home photo shoots, like the super chic one for Jacquemus, Bella Hadid has resumed traveling to the end of the world for all the most glossy editorials. She often made her fans of her partake of her quick swabs, but the backdrop was a heavenly beach, or an extra-luxury hotel.

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Very recent is the news that back in November Kim Kardashian got Covid-19. Fans learned of it only a handful of days ago, watching the episode of Keeping Up With The Kardashians dedicated to Kim's 40th birthday party. As to celebrate, Kim thought of a big party, and she rented a luxurious Polynesian resort.

About thirty guests including family and friends flocked to the extra-luxury estate, all close together to celebrate, drink and bathe. Result? An unwelcome surprise for Kim, who inaugurated a new decade with a convalescence from Covid-19 when she returned to Calabasas.

Was it worth it? To Kim, as well as to the whole klan, I don't think it matters much: the economic and social privileges enjoyed by her whole family alienate them from everyday reality.

Of course, these celebs' behaviors aren't really virtuous. TikTok's Hype House's members huge echo could push millions of Americans, especially very young ones, to comply with quarantines, distances and mask obligations. And instead Charli D'Amelio, Addison Rae, Bryce Hall and Lil Huddy spent every evening at the Saddle Ranch in LA all drinking together during the pandemic.

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The celebs, however, in addition to making me a little healthy envy, can't seem so unpleasant to me, and I can't point the finger at them in such a moralizing way.

If Kim was able to celebrate her birthday with a mega party at à-la The Great Gatsby, and Justin Bieber was able to cross over to Europe to blow out the candles, and Asia Valente was able to go and take photos in Croatia, it is also because there's a major economic and social crisis going on, and it hugely influenced the in tourism sector as well. In some way, celebs contribute(d) to the employment of people who would otherwise remain hopelessly at home.

The pandemic has taught us how the balance of our virtuous / vicious circle of daily life is really precarious and always on the verge of breaking, and that every day really deserves to be lived in honor of an inflated but fair "carpe diem".

Let's not blame celebs because they try to live according to this mantra, because we probably would the same if we only had the same amount of money in our piggy banks.