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The pop culture of the UNIQLO collection in collaboration with PAUL & JOE

“The joys of spring”

By Sofia Tonola

On Friday 26th March, the clothing retailer UNIQLO launched for this season, “the UT collection (UNIQLO t-shirt)” in collaboration with the Parisian brand PAUL & JOE.

The UT collections, with its roots within the global pop culture and artistic graphics scene, manages to give people the freedom to express their individuality.

“This collaboration with UNIQLO was born because of their commitment to offer every day clothing, which also corresponds with my desire to create garments that meet everyone's taste. I also share the company's approach to production, which pursues quality” said Sophie Mechaly (founder of PAUL & JOE).

This is why UNIQLO, with its Japanese values ​​of simplicity, quality and longevity where each individual is free to express their style every step of the way with contemporary elegance, has made room for the Parisian brand.

Soft pastel colours, chrysanthemums, symbols of joy and everyday life that characterise spring amongst other things, are also an inspiration for the PAUL & JOE brand, a brand that has become iconic for the playfulness of print and color and its simplicity in the construction of the garments; where this UT collection tries to give people freedom, being able to express themselves and putting together the items as they like, mixing the simple pieces or combining the different motifs/designs.

A complete, rich collection that includes dresses, blouses, scarves and clutches, as well as items for children and babies, making it a unique and special collection, giving the mothers the possibility to dress and combine their children in harmony with their own outfits . We also find the iconic graphics of the Parisian brand such as cats and Lily of the Valley” a flower that is believed to bring happiness.

We can only define it as a collection ready to fill our days with authentic freshness, serenity and joy.




Image: UNIQLO Press Office