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Bold collection by Etnia Barcelona: when the gaze leaves its mark

Sunglasses that express a strong personality: it’s forbidden to be afraid

By Francesca Parravicini

The imprints of style are in the details: it seems a contradiction, but just a touch, an unusual accessory and that's it, we don't need extreme maximalism.

And the glasses of Etnia Barcelona, ​​an independent brand born in 2001, offer an excellent starting point: the name of the new Spring Summer 2022 collection, Bold, alone expresses what is the DNA of the brand, characterized by a focus on pure color, vibrant, bright and a strong shape, for those who look into everyday life with a defiant look.

For the new season, Etnia Barcelona offers nine new models with maxi volumes, in natural acetate with two sizes: L with 4.5 mm, XL with 6 mm, for five unisex models, two for women and two for men. The shapes, rounded or more geometric, are striking, almost "brutal"; the colors explode in semi-transparent tones of Havana, Black, Red, Mauve, Green, Blue, with color block or checkerboard finishes, for a vintage touch.

An uncompromising aesthetic, visible in the brand's campaign: high-impact, almost hyper-realistic images, where, on a background that is pure color, the personalities of a varied group of models of all ages come to life (being bold has no age limits), which combine the indomitable spirit of Etnia Barcelona eyewear with almost baroque hairstyles.

An ironic and glamorous invitation to leave your mark ... always and in any situation!

P.S. Etnia Barcelona is a brand focused on the environment, with the use of natural materials, the best quality acetate, from cotton and wood and mineral glass in the sunglasses collections; the packaging is in a certified sustainable cardboard, 100% recyclable and in a biodegradable corn compound. With measures of this type, Etnia has managed to reduce the use of plastic by 9 tons and continues to work to further reduce CO2 emissions. All the collections are produced entirely in its factories, with technologies that contribute to reducing the environmental impact and guaranteeing a product of lasting quality: an important contribution towards ethical manufacturing and circular economy.

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