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The singer-songwriter Gaia is the new Havaianas Brand Ambassador

To share through her cheerful and energetic music, all the values ​​that characterize the iconic brand

By Angelica Tanzini

Gaia is the perfect choice to represent the most famous flip flop in the world, the Italian-Brazilian will be the brand's Ambassador.

The values ​​of the brand, promoter of a joyful and positive, engaging and above all human lifestyle, blend perfectly with the characteristics of the singer, such as some fundamental elements: music, family and, of course, summer.

Born in Guastalla in 1997, from a Brazilian mother and an Italian father, she lives in Italy, participates in X Factor and then in 2019 in Amici, coming out as the winner.

Gaia climbed the charts with Chega and made millions of people dance, also obtaining the gold disc for her first album Nuova Genesi.

Inserted by Forbes magazine in the list of the 100 under 30 Italians who will have the greatest impact in the future, as a promising singer of the Italian music scene starting to appear more and more at the top of the national charts.

So Gaia is welcomed into the Havaianas family, to embrace all the values ​​that characterize the iconic brand.



Image: Havaianas Press Office