The adidas campaign, to be change, together

A team game

By Claudia Matrisciano

Change is a team game. Often competing in an individual activity can be a symptom of pride or pride. But when it comes to acting for a change, no one can do something alone. Everyone needs everyone, support, a hand, a group, a team.

This message of cohesion is the centerpiece of the new “Change is a team sport” campaign launched by adidas. A short film directed and starring Jonah Hill (American comedian and actor) together with some of the most important game changers in the world.

The project was created to celebrate the most iconic sneaker of the adidas giant: the Superstar, capable of breaking down boundaries, diversity and creating culture, or rather culture.

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Change can’t happen alone.⁣⁣⁣ 🔈 Sound on ⁣⁣⁣ ⁣⁣ Directed by @JonahHill⁣⁣ #adidasSUPERSTAR #ChangeIsATeamSport

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Wearing a pair of Superstars meant, at the time of their release, about fifty years ago, representing all those who needed a revolution and progress. They therefore represent a history of change.

Precisely for this reason, adidas could only involve some of the world personalities, who more than any other personify this phenomenon for the generations of today. Pharrell Williams, Pogba, Ninja, Yara Shahidi, Anitta, Jenn Soto, to name a few.

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Turn heads. Clean new colourways of #adidasSuperstar are available today in adidas stores and adidas.com/Superstar.

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Each of them is a symbol of strength, pride and desire to change things in society. Each of them represents a religion, an attitude, a symbol for boys and girls around the world. Each of them is culture, current, true, present. They are the emblem of a generation.

There must be a bridge and not a border between today and yesterday, through a team game, as explained by a statement by director Jonah Hill himself:

"There is no knowledge without the previous generation that created it first. And there is no change or advancement without the new generation. If these two generations come together, the atomic charge is created for exceptional art and creativity"

Be yourself the game changer of your life and remember that sometimes it's better not to play alone.

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Designed to stand out. The Stage Collection launches on February 13 at adidas stores and adidas.com. #ChangeIsATeamSport #adidasSuperstar . See more at adidas.com/Superstar

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