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Italy's future fashion designers

When the attention paid to the past surpasses that towards the present time, it is difficult to look to the future, yet Italy shines with young talents ready to show how worthy they are

By Beatrice Jennifer Tagliabue

Recently I saw a post about a "famous" photo that has been going viral on social media for a few days.

As the author of the post says, the photo in question portrays the leaders of Italian fashion, from Gianni Versace to Laura Biagiotti and Gianfranco Ferrè, and dates back to 1985.

In brief, the reflection of Giuliana, a well-known journalist for several Italian newspapers, focuses on the fact that if it is true that these designers have written the history of Italian fashion and beyond, it is also true that more than 35 years have passed since that shot.

In an “old” country as Italy is often defined, it is easy to look at the glories of the past, enhancing a history already written, while it is less easy to continue writing that history.

And to take Giuliana's words, “not because Italy is lacking talents”, but because it is convenient.

Being able to stand out among the big names in the sector is certainly not easy. Social media have been a window for several Italian designers, but many times they are not enough. In fact, more help is needed, in particular from publishing, television and other classic media, as well as from institutions (and America, in these terms, precedes us).

Parallel to all this, a few days ago Elodie, a star already born (but with so much more to offer) of Italian music, was a guest on Alessandro Cattelan's “Da Grande” show on Rai Uno. As a tribute to Mina, she decided to wear a suit designed especially for the occasion by the young brand Andreadamo. The achieved social media success was incredible, and the image of the Roman singer wearing the white and silver jumpsuit made the rounds of all the feeds. Not only that, the artist's choice was acclaimed by various exponents and fashion critics, happy to see new talents.

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Class of 1984, Andrea Adamo is an Italian designer with a certainly not indifferent past: an internship at Les Copains and a curriculum that boasts names such as Elisabetta Franchi, Roberto Cavalli, Zuhair Murad and Dolce & Gabbana.

The absence of colors, the play with silhouettes and materials: Andrea's woman is extremely contemporary and lives the new decade with a not indifferent self-confidence.

Born in 2020 with a considerable consensus from the social audience, it is only recently that its name begins to be on the mouth of a wider audience, thanks in particular to Elodie who has chosen the brand on several occasions.

Instead, Francesco Murano, a former fashion design student at IED Moda in Milan, who dressed Beyoncé in the video for "Spirit" and more for occasions, is only 24 years old.

Originally from Campania, the young designer draws inspiration from both classical and baroque art, combining them to create avant-garde plastic shapes that sculpt the body of the wearer (like our Queen B), representing the philosophical dualism that is inside all of us..

Here is an example of an Italian talent that seems to be appreciated first abroad and then in Italy.

Federico Cina is another young Italian designer born in the heart of Romagna, winner of "Who's On Next? 2019 ". In January 2020, at the age of 27, opened the AltaRoma show, while at the end of the year appeared for the first time at the Milan Fashion Week (digital version).

Romantic and nostalgic, he describes Emilia with the same sensitivity and the same love with which Antonio Marras describes Sardinia in his collections.

An attachment to the homeland that soon turns into a real everyday aesthetic.

A collaboration with Mehth and one with MSGM, although the brand made its debut in 2019 collecting several successes, it is still mostly known today by a narrow niche of industry experts.

Reconnecting to Giuliana Matarrese's post, Italy is full of young emerging talents, children of a generation that can't wait to embark on new challenges and show the world what they are capable of doing, but unfortunately they still seem to be waiting for their moment from behind the scenes.

What if we try to look at the new generation of designers with the same pride with which we look at Giorgio Armani, Gianni Versace and Valentino?



Image Credits: Photo by Raden Prasetya on Unsplash