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Italy is a champion and the slavery of rhetoric

On occasions such as the victory of the European football championships, the media live on stereotypes and clichés to which the public conforms by making them their own in a process of symbiosis that cancels the possibility of transmitting emotions in a sincere way. The process is so deep and rooted that even the phrases of politicians, usually steeped in cheap rhetoric, seem to stand out for their originalit

By Gianfranco Gatta

“The rhetoric by the ton, by the wagon, by the cargo, makes what should be winged heavy: victory”.

Michele Serra from “La Repubblica” who continues: “Winning is beautiful and sport is beautiful. It is epic in its pure state, a gesture that does not need to talk about it, only to be described, told in its making”.

In his article Serra lashes out against the rhetoric of "bad sports journalists", falling into the trap of the same rhetoric.

Exact sentences, repeated hyperbole, historical juxtapositions, already exploited paradoxes, are nothing but the cultural refuge of the rhetoric that is in us; for laziness, for excessive haste, for lack of or for display of culture, we help each other along the easiest way of writing.

Just think of the continuous Latin quotations so as to make the writer a "heavy hack" like a hiker.

The prince of rhetoric was Cicero, a man of immense culture so much that he translated Homer from the Greek which in his extraordinary oratory was a continuous reference to rhetoric, thus fascinating the audience of the Senate.

Well before him, the Sophists used their rhetorical ability to impose absolute truths, which is doubted by the Socratic method taught by the philosopher of philosophers, Socrates.

We had already written that England-Italy was not just a football match, commenting on Prime Minister Draghi's warning, supported by Merkel, against matches at Wembley; just as the English arrogance and arrogance was due to the still unresolved issues of Brexit. The unbridled Ego of the English had to be reduced and this is why Europe, united, supported the Italian national team together.

That: "Ndo stai?" pronounced by Draghi, looking for the face of Donnarumma at the celebrations at Palazzo Chigi, betrays an authentic satisfaction, perhaps true, certainly Romanesque that has nothing to do with a “heavy” rhetoric: it is pure joy.

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The style of President Mattarella, his exultation hinted at and immediately repressed, not to seem rude is the lesson of a style that was totally lacking in the royals, the premier and those delinquents of English hooligans.

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Of course, then the sports press and not only did their part to make such an unbearable rhetoric as an unbearable molasses to which so many commentators and commentators on television programs have joined and if this is added to the event of Raffaella Carrà's death, instinct to stop buying newspapers for a few days and turn off the TV to read a good book.

For a supposed transitive property, the victory of the Azzurri will lead to an increase in our GDP by a few points and if it is calculated that one point is equivalent to 16 billion euros, then it is even better understood that the Wembley final was not just a football match. As Totò said: "Life is made up of real things and supposed things, for the moment let's put the real ones aside, but where do we put the suppositories?".

Who knows what response the British will be giving?

Out of rhetoric ça va sans dire!

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