Summer 2020 and the rediscovery of drive-ins and cinemas under the stars

Cinema during Covid's time

By Camilla Alcini

Although the various streaming platforms have now taken over, the emotion that cinema generates is one of the things we have missed the most in recent months.

The entire film industry must be able to start again: will the return of outdoor cinema across Italy be the right opportunity?

The romanticism of the drive-in seemed to be a distant memory of the fifties and sixties, destined to be relived nostalgically through photographs, stories and films. How can we forget the moment of the cult Grease in which Danny takes Sandy to the drive-in, in the hope of finally going beyond the kiss with his good girl?

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Ah, those summer nights! John Travolta, Randal Kleiser, and fans enjoyed a #Grease40 screening on the beach at #Cannes2018

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And it is precisely the privacy guaranteed by the drive-in cinema that had already made it popular among post-war young people to be the reason for its renewed popularity in 2020.

By staying in your car, the rules of social distancing are respected without letting us give up on entertainment and our favorite films in the company.

Hundreds of initiatives have sprung up all over the world and throughout Italy. Among the cities with the most proposals, the capital Rome, which for some time has hosted several outdoor cinemas for the summer season.

In Ostia, on the Roman coast, the largest drive-in in Europe has opened, which can accommodate up to 485 cars, while in Cinecittà there is the brand new Sunset Drive-In. In the heart of Trastevere, in Piazza San Cosimato, i Ragazzi del Cinema America have reopened their arena following the anti-covid provisions and offering a program full of guests and interventions from all over the world.

Milan too has its drive-in at the Parco Nord in via Senigallia, as well as Naples, with the Drive In Pozzuoli which boasts 120 seats. And then there are many outdoor cinemas in the square, as for Bologna, which proposes it again in Piazza Maggiore.

Will this new trend that will characterize summer 2020 be able to bring people closer to the big screen and save the huge number of cinemas at the end? In recent years, almost 50 cinemas have closed in Rome alone and almost 30 in Milan. I, as a great lover of filmography, just can't imagine a world without cinema.