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Happy 2020!

We wish you to be, just who you want to be

By Margherita Verdiani

We have painstakingly left Christmas behind, the rest of panettone, promptly finished on the 26th, is still in the middle of digestion but in front of us we have another hard challenge: the New year's 'eve dinner. The tons of food that are concentrated in December certainly do not play in the same team of this glittered dress that you, still a little tanned, bought in mid-September thinking about the NYE; except the fact that now you choose plan B (blazer and trousers) 'cause “too much comfy this outfit” you said to yourself in front of the mirror but not too convinced.

The year is over and yet the experience hasn't tought us to book what to do for NYE at least 3 months in advance. Today we're all undecided whether to go to the sea or to the mountains, to stay outiside or at home, with the one and only certainty of the worthy final meal that 2019 deserves. And if 2019 hadn't completely convinced you, here's a list of things that could make you change your mind: Nutella biscuits, Fleabag 2, Jennifer aniston on Instagram, Riri's amazing show Savage x Fenty, Leo and Brad together in a movie, Glossier shipping to France (are we dumb here in Italy Emily?), @dudwithsigns on IG, the tip of the 'cornetto Algida' as a snack and Jlo who after almost 20 years put it on again the jungle dress and leaving us speechless. It feels a little better, right?

The day of the 31st is full of expectation and high hopes that could makes somebody feel inadequate. Ther are those who are excited since the 27th and those who dream about being in bed by the midnight, those who want to sing and dance on 'a e i o u Y', those who'll eat grapes and lentils (we will never know), those who'll do the countdown and those who'll drink herbal tea in front of netflix , those who want to give a hug to their moms and those to a stranger in the disco.

There's no rule, don't feel obliged to do something you don't want. Everything's fine if it suits you, if you choose it and if it's not imposed to you. Don't be uncomfortable in what you firmly believe and don't be afraid of giving up what you dislike. Do whatever you want and be what you want to be, and this may be the dogma to begin 2020. Our hope is that you will be able to do it proudly. Treat yo self girls!