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Kim, Kanye and the others weddings coming to an end

Biggest recent celebrity breakups

By Alessandra Nava

A couple of weeks ago we were all cheering the new year, wishing ourselves a happy and serene 2021 (it couldn’t get worse than 2020). However, the new year opened up with a bunch of really bad news.

Apart from the wrecked political scenario, which includes a sort of modern civil war in the US and, guess what, a (not unexpected at all at this point) Italian government crisis, we were also shocked by the shocking news from Calabasas: Kim Kardashian and Kanye West are getting divorced.

Kim’s alleged to have hired Laura Wasser, a very famous lawyer who also dealt with the troubled Brangelina’s divorce. The news broke our hearts, especially because Kim and Kanye embraced the perfect power couple.

Kanye spent last year making music, making fashion, and most of all trying to make political history by running as a 2020 US President candidate. His goal didn’t turn out particularly successful. A couple of years ago, Kanye came out as being diagnosed with a bipolar disorder, and confessed that he often doesn’t take his medicines. His delirious raving speeches about God, abortion, slavery, music, … are not easy to defend. We think Kim might have tried to help him, and that a certain point she might just had enough. Or maybe she fell passionately in love with someone else, and she decided to split. Or maybe it was Kanye all the way, just being a natural born megalomaniac Gemini (joining the club with Trump, Dante, and Johnny Depp).

The Kimye’s (they’re so powerful they have one of those power-couple-linked-together names) divorce hit us hard because we really thought they were genuinely meant to be. In this way, they’re just adding to the heartbreaking list of those shipwrecked marriages that made us dream.

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Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth seemed meant to be, and after almost ten years of ups and downs, spent more or less together, they got married. Only eight months later, they divorced, breaking hundreds of thousands of fans’ hearts, who were rooting for them since “The Last Song” came out.

Megan Fox and Brian Austin Green were one of the finest couples in LA. Young, successful, good-looking, and most of all, madly on love. They went through a hard time, and managed it perfectly, they had three beautiful children and kept working and being happy. Just a couple of months ago Megan and Brian announced that they were splitting, and they also started accusing each other of being bad parents for their children, as long as other unpleasant things to say. Megan’s now happily in love with Machine Gun Kelly, and she’s being his muse in his videoclips.

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Last, but not least, we have to talk about Hollywood’s latest shocking love triangle. Let’s rewind the tape. November 2020: Olivia Wilde and Jason Sudeikis, both brilliant actors who starred in some of the funniest and wittiest comedies of the last years, announced they were getting divorced. Seven years and two children after their marriage, Olivia left Jason with a broken heart. First week of Jenaury 2021: Wilde is caught by the paparazzis, walking hand in hand with Harry Styles. And apparently, it was Harry who slowly  sneaked into Olivia’s heart, and as long as their relationship got stronger, Olivia decided to break up with her ex-husband.

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Love: so sweet and so cruel. We’ll surely keep you updated with all the love news coming from Hollywood. No matter what, these real stories are always way more exciting than any other movie or Netflix series.