Kanye West is collaborating with Porn Hub for YEEZY

What are they doing?

By acrimonia

Kanye West was the artistic director of this year's Pornhub Awards. Amazed? This is still a little. The king of social networks (even when his accounts are not active ...) has also designed several sexual themes such as statuettes for all the awards to be made during the kermesse. But the real surprise for all West and YEEZY fans are a series of sweatshirts, each of these women the winners of the race for sale online. YEEZYpornhub_acrimoniamagazine1 YEEZYpornhub_acrimoniamagazine5 YEEZYpornhub_acrimoniamagazine4 YEEZYpornhub_acrimoniamagazine3 YEEZYpornhub_acrimoniamagazine2