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Jacquemus at home

The new brilliant campaign by Simon Porte Jacquemus

By Claudia Matrisciano

As we have seen, on social and non-social networks, the world of fashion does not seem to have stopped, indeed it becomes more creative every day, developing successful and, above all, viral content.

Each brand chooses the path to follow and its own strategy, but it seems that everyone has understood that only a single channel can really make them iconic and contemporary in the market: social networks and Instagram among all.

The brand that, among others, has understood how to create and manage an excellent strategy on this platform is Jacquemus. The entire Instagram account is managed by the founder Simon Port Jacquemus, no social media manager, no directive, only passion for fashion and inspiration.

This naturalness (obviously studied), mixed with home locations, in search of styling and the product, are the key to the brand's social fortune.

In the last year alone, according to the Lyst and Hypebeast report, Jacquemus has been the most searched brand on Google. About 183 thousand times a month in Europe and the United States. Regarding his online positioning, however, almost nobody can beat him and in these few months the brand mentions have been 1116%.

In all this chaos of numbers, the French brand has gone viral several times, for example thanks to the singer Lizzo who, a few months ago published a TikTok with the Mini Chiquito, now an iconic accessory.



♬ original sound - lizzo

This time the Simon Port Jacquemus brand is on the other hand again in pole position thanks to the new campaign of the SS20 collection, called "Jacquemus at home".

The peculiarity of the campaign is that, not only that, protagonists such as Bella Hadid and Barbie Ferrera (stars of the TV series Euphoria) were chosen, but the entire advertising was completely produced through FaceTime. You got it right: an iPhone, the photographer and the models were enough.

Both Bella and Barbie posed under the watchful eye of Pierre Ange Carlotti and the result was amazing. In the series of images the pure Jacquemus style is emphasized. From the white suit with oversized blazer paired with a green knitted sports bra to the yellow striped crop top and the lavender body. Ample space also for accessories such as the Grand Chiquito in the foreground, with a background of Bella Hadid without veils or the new straw shopper with the new “Le lunette Soleil” glasses. All related by a "home made" styling and make-up that do absolutely justice to the French simplicity of the brand itself and to the woman it refers to.

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@jacquemus being a little fashion cam girl at home. shot by @blackpierreange 💕

Un post condiviso da barbie ferreira (@barbieferreira) in data:

The photos of the campaign are an expression of the brand's open and inclusive vision. Starting from the Instagram friendly product, up to inclusiveness with the choice of models and very diverse brand ambassador characters. There are no limits.

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when Bella calls @jacquemus @bellahadid

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Needless to say, it immediately became iconic. The simplicity, the beauty of simplicity and the contemporaneity with which the content was created and with which the brand's contents are usually created, meant that Jacquemus was identified as a brand capable of building communication in step with the times. The idea of the campaign built from afar, has combined both the need to catch up with the traditional needs of producing advertising campaigns, and that of using a methodology in vogue on social networks among many photographers during this lockdown.

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SO HAPPY TO SHARE WITH YOU « JACQUEMUS AT HOME » @barbieferreira CAPTURED BY @blackpierreange SUMMER 2020 #jacquemusathome #facetime

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If what we have seen so far is of this magnitude, we look forward to seeing and learning what our dear Simon's next moves will be. What we know is that we could not help looking at the contents of this lucky and ambitious brand and discovering what an imminent future will hold for us.