#iorestoacasa: wash your hands like an Oscar movie star (like, literally)

A simple and powerful gesture at the same time

By Alessandra Nava

“Wash your hands”: how many times have our mamas told us to take care of our personal hygiene? A little bit of soap never hurt in which fighting the coronavirus became the most important thing to do
Gloria Gaynor raised awareness through the social medias, washing her hands while singing her hit “I Will Survive”, reminding us what a true icon she is. Here in Italy, Barbara D’Urso, the TV’s most beloved face, made a special tutorial for her audience, showing all the hand gestures required for a prefect hand wash.

Gloria Gaynor si esibisce live dal suo sontuoso lavandino di casa, intonando la sua hit “I Will Survive” a tempo di passate di sapone, e qui in patria la nostra nazionalpopolarissima Barbara D’Urso ha mandato in diretta un tutorial su come sfregarsi il sapone su palmi e dorsi. 

And what about the Hollywood movie stars? Maybe we can ironically learn something from them too!

Washing hands has never been more cinematographic. 
As Good as It Gets
A literal 1997 cult, starring Jack Nicholson and Helen Hunt, the first one plays a character with OCD. Jack Nicholson’s obsessive routine is shown since the very beginning, when he’s washing his hands once he got back from a walk. He’s the lucky owner of a hundred or more rose antique soaps (what a good taste though!), which are used just once to scrub his hands. Was he ready for the emergency?
The Aviator 
Once more, Leonardo Di Caprio is making our hearts melt. The face of an angel, a unique talent, a fighter of climate change… and now, unaware or not, the ambassador of hand sanitizing precautions against the virus. This scene depicts his character’s paranoid obsessions, while he washes his hands so aggressively to the point of cutting himself. We do not want you to cut your delicate fingers though. For the rest, take example from di Caprio’s amazing washing skills
The Shape of Water 
This poetical, dreamy movie, portraying a contemporary fable that talks about pure love and the hard fight against prejudices, is a must see. And as every fable wants, there has to be proper villain. The gloomy colonel played by Michael Jackson represents the macho man cliches. He states that when it comes to going to the toilet, a real man washes his hands just once; twice would mean weakness. We totally dissent, ladies and gentlemen.
Pulp Fiction 
Another cult memento: do not was your hands as Vincent Vega does, staining the white towel with blood, and annoying his poor companion Jules. You’ve been warned!