#iorestoacasa: the hatred at the time of the pandemic

When there is confusion in identifying the common enemy

By Tommaso Gatta

The fourth week of quarantine is the week of intolerance. What you’ve been able to tolerate in the past few weeks now becomes your bare nerve.

The sofa has never seemed so uncomfortable, the people around you, the four domestic walls are fully entitled your prison. And in a situation like this, it becomes important to get rid of this hatred, which is increasing day after day, and which otherwise risks suffocating you

We have, therefore, suggestions on certain social categories on which, in full Italian style, pour out their repressed anger due to forced imprisonment. The pandemic has given new cues to the serial haters, who found themselves suddenly without the shadow of a landing on the Italian coast, and even the most common crimes have decreased by more than 70%!

No more immigrants, no more thieves: a frustrating situation, it is urgent to look for new audiences to adapt hatred to the current situation.

In the beginning there were the Chinese. They monopolized the months of January and February. No more sushi (which is Japanese) or spring rolls, they brought us the epidemic, they created a virus in the laboratory ad hoc to become the first global economic power. The reasoning is clear. In terms of slogans, nothing particularly imaginative: “close the borders”, “stay at home”. Then, the great disappointment of the virus, arrived also in Italy, not through a Chinese tourist. Arrived with such strength that the Chinese, for the rest of the world, became us. And to the various episodes of intolerance towards the Chinese recorded on the Italian soil, they have corresponded just as many towards the Italians in the most disparate states around the globe. Frontiers closed to Italians, what a joke!

The hater had, then, to turn all attention to his countrymen. Paradoxical the period of the “northern question”, north people discriminated against by those of the south for their geographical origin (!!!!). The situation has normalized in the last few weeks, thank the earthlings who fled from Milan with the night trains, attitude, yes, dangerous regardless of any personal judgment.

Fortunately, we soon managed to make a common front, from Trentino to Sicily, against the real scourge of this pandemic, against the infector par excellence: the runner. Social outrage, with various videos of austere characters insulting from their own balconies the notorious occasional runners, engaged in dangerous turns of the block.

The (sad) hunt for the enemy can be summed up in this way.

On the other hand, it is opportune and auspicious to underline that there is also an Italy that, in the pandemic, has found a common antagonist to defeat. Entire companies that reconvert their production to manufacture masks, positive patients transferred from the overcrowded intensive care in Bergamo to Bari and Palermo. Cohesion, unity of purpose, desire to start again.

Made in Italy, perhaps at the end of the day the Covid-19 will be able to help the Italians too.