#iorestoacasa: Houseparty

Everything you need to know about the most downloaded app of the moment

By Giulietta Riva

Although the concept of party, at the moment, belongs to a reality that seems very distant, many respond that between “House” and “Party” they would still choose “Party”, even if at home. There are those who define Houseparty as an extension of the most inflated social networks because they catapult you directly with whoever you want, those who think that going from “room” to “room” is an excellent trick to amiably annoy and who says nothing other than “Cool!”.

In a period of forced isolation, besides Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, the short release of Disney +, desserts, yoga, pilates, flashmobs on the balcon, good intentions, bad intentions, anxiety and what else?, we need contact, albeit virtual, with “friends” and it is precisely there that Houseparty comes into the game, the synchronous social network that as rule #1 has to be a real own party.

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When you find that cool new app @houseparty and you tell everybody about it! Get on it people! #houseparty #whenboredomstrikes #facetimeonanewlevel

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Born in September 2016, Houseparty quickly reached one million downloads (January 2017), but no one, not even the creators, would have expected such a success.

The quarantine effect in Italy has led more and less young people (the faithful were American millennials at the start) to create casual rooms (max 8 people) where you can have the pleasure of combining the delightful with the delightful. In addition to the “fuck around” (pass the term) with words, we all play together with Trivia and Quick Draw (common complaint: “the games are always the same”).

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From Fayetteville->Stillwater->Norman, it's always a #HouseParty when I get to see my ppl!!!! ;)

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Then, “swipe left” to abandon a boring party and launch into another, where it is not said that everyone knows each other, but what better time to make new meetings?

The Manifesto sets out the goals:

This is a party

Open the app and you're with your friends

You may have expectations of who you meet during the party, but you may be surprised

The more people you know, the more you have fun

Do not meet unwanted people

A house party is a comfortable and informal environment

You can get to the party and leave it at any time

Membership is elementary: email, phone number, contact synchronization via Facebook or Snapchat.

We are there, and you ?!

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This is the best app ever developed

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