#iorestoacasa: the TikTok accounts that you can't miss

You’ll surely find many tiktoks inspired by the hashtag #iorestoacasa

By acrimonia

Cyberspace’s wonderful world has lately been conquered by TikTok, the Chinese social app that soon became a case. Born to be a social platform based on cutie, lovely, funny videos, it is now a thing that has the ability to shape our language, the music charts and the fashion industry. 
These short videos, a never ending swipe-up loop of young girls and boys dancing to their favorite songs, lip syncing to the latest singles, confectioning video memes… are now a somehow powerful way to communicate. 
The phenomenon cannot be ignored, since these young tiktokers are followed by millions of teenagers, and this huge, (pre)adolescent mass is capable of shaping today’s culture and society. 
Charli D’Amelio, a real TikTok star whose profile is followed by 35 million people, only 15, was recently a special guest of Prada’s latest fashion show. She rocked a Prada outfit in a few tiktoks of course, sponsoring the Italian brand and the beautiful boutique under the Galleria.
Noen Eubanks, only 18, started to tiktok in his little bedroom in Atlanta, and he ended up being Celine Men’s freshest face in its chic black&white campaign. 

this was supposed to be a makeup video but it seems i’ve lost all of my makeup

♬ original sound - mukhtarhuh
Elisa Maino, the most famous Italian tiktoker, already author of a couple of novels, became a Dolce&Gabbana brand ambassador, rocking their clothes and accessories on the social platform. 

Avere dei capelli ingestibili check 🙃

♬ max and rubyyy - giannalavecchia
The viral dance challenges influence Spotify’s music charts. “Roxanne”, “The Box”, “Roses” are just a few of the songs that became popular thanks to TikTok.
Doja Cat released her latest single “Say So” after the song went viral on the social network. She herself danced to the TikTok choreography in the videoclip, which also stars a few other tiktokers such as Donte Colley. 
TikTok is not just about frivolity, but there’s also space for political commitment and social issues. Last November, a seventeen-year-old American student called Feroza Aziz denounced Chinese reductional camps for muslims, raising awareness through a TikTok make up tutorial. 
Nowadays in the Italian “For You” section you’ll surely find many tiktoks inspired by the hashtag #iorestoacasa; a fun and unconventional iniziative to raise awareness of the coronavirus, and the importance of quarantine.