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#iorestoacasa: we must love ourselves

The start of the second week of isolation, the first weekend, will be long and we will resist

By Giulietta Riva

When I come across something new, beautiful or ugly, exciting or frightening, big or small, I’m regularly assaulted by an adrenaline rush that electrifies my body for a longer or shorter period of time depending on the strength of the news.

The adrenaline gradually disappears and the analytical spirit takes its place. The will to understand what happened, trying to identify its principle, foresee its sliding and focus its end.

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Un post condiviso da Massimo Giorgetti (@massimogiorgetti) in data:

In this precise context, February 2020, arrival of Covid 19, pandemic state, forced imprisonment, my mood suffered several slaps in the face until the possibility of choice left room for the obligation to follow the measures “precautionary”, the rules, in simple terms.

The first week of quarantine was accompanied by an unknown enthusiasm, a self-coaching on the management of panic mixed with fear, a powerful spirit of solidarity towards the real victims and the great heroes of the situation (the health system), of the goliardia of a people who have never lacked the desire to embrace each other in moments of shared fragility.

Social networks, web platforms with their editorial offices have squeezed their brains to churn out the most attractive contents in relation to the particular historical moment (yes, we will end up in the history books), to be promoters of a special encouragement, of good intentions with respect to the proactive use of time that passes, and how it goes...

We all felt part of a large, united, solid, moving digital family. Above all, thanks to the launch of the viral tagline #iorestoacasa that animated our week and will continue to resonate during our quarantine.

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“Tanto l’aria s’ha da cagnà!!!” Ore 18.00 e ho cantato per la mia strada, a Roma... ho ancora i brividi... è stato come un abbraccio... vi giuro, piango ancora... grazie UMANI!!! #restiamoacasa #meraviglioso @i.lariamacchia

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The program schedule of the television channels has accepted the requests of the loyals, the print newspapers have offered free readings of their web version, the streaming platforms have given “exceptional” possibilities (see PornHub Premium). We were moved by the musical initiatives, we shouted that Italy is a wonderful country, drunk on video call, confirmed our bond with the land that gave us life and made us grow to the sound of pasta and pizza, we chose what activities to follow, which community to join and whether to stay on the bed doing anything else (whatever “other” is).

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L’ho trovato camminando. Per me, per voi, per le persone lontane che sono preoccupate. Io sorrido sempre, sorridiamo insieme. ❤️

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It was all incredibly surreal. But now?

The second week has officially started. A new mountain in the head to climb, the summit is not seen and not seeing it this morning has destabilized the spirit of many. Despair has officially taken over, and we had to expect this...

My day started with two tears in front of the window, the result of a selfishness that would not want me impotent when the great esteem and gratitude towards those who cannot stop because they are on duty should still prevail, always, strongly yet we are human, emotions are not controlled and, above all, it is necessary to learn to live with them. So I decided to do an examination on me and try to understand, clearly, what will become of us, because there will be time to get better but this is the time to push not to get overwhelmed by individualism and celebrate the sense of gratitude and of community.

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Sono i un'infermiera e in questo momento mi trovo ad affrontare questa emergenza sanitaria. Ho paura anche io, ma non di andare a fare la spesa, ho paura di andare a lavoro. Ho paura perché la mascherina potrebbe non aderire bene al viso, o potrei essermi toccata accidentalmente con i guanti sporchi, o magari le lenti non mi coprono nel tutto gli occhi e qualcosa potrebbe essere passato. Sono stanca fisicamente perché i dispositivi di protezione fanno male, il camice fa sudare e una volta vestita non posso più andare in bagno o bere per sei ore. Sono stanca psicologicamente, e come me lo sono tutti i miei colleghi che da settimane si trovano nella mia stessa condizione, ma questo non ci impedirà di svolgere il nostro lavoro come abbiamo sempre fatto. Continuerò a curare e prendermi cura dei miei pazienti, perché sono fiera e innamorata del mio lavoro. Quello che chiedo a chiunque stia leggendo questo post è di non vanificare lo sforzo che stiamo facendo, di essere altruisti, di stare in casa e così proteggere chi è più fragile. Noi giovani non siamo immuni al coronavirus, anche noi ci possiamo ammalare, o peggio ancora possiamo far ammalare. Non mi posso permettere il lusso di tornarmene a casa mia in quarantena, devo andare a lavoro e fare la mia parte. Voi fate la vostra, ve lo chiedo per favore.

Un post condiviso da Alessia Bonari (@alessiabonari_) in data:

There are 1809 victims in Italy, the stocks of masks begin to run low, in Lombardy they will last a couple of days. The beds are over, the doctors and nurses on the front lines as soldiers, in the ward there is no time to cry anymore...

Gradually the days will pass more slowly, the initiatives will decrease together with the enthusiasm, the calls will become more boring, the monothematic contents. The cities will take on an increasingly ghostly wax, the streets will seem unknown and the limits will increase. The sun will explode outside and the desire to go out will be more and more pressing.

It will be there, it will be exactly at that moment that we will become stronger, that we will abandon the self-centeredness that, at times, has always characterized mankind, that we will be loyal in respecting the impositions, that we will pray to our God (whatever it may be) , that we will run through the corridors imagining to do it in the parks, that we will polish our shoes to show them off during an elegant dinner at home, that we will take care of our body and our mind by training them with the activities that we have decided to carry out, which we will laze on the sofa (otium in Roman times was the father of virtues), that we will smooth out family tensions by unhinging now crystallized mechanisms, that we will learn to dance with the time that too often makes us believe we are faster than we are, that we will give up the reins of the control and passively we will obey, that we will make common sense prevail and develop a great, admirable, boundless waiting capacity.

Because now, tomorrow and for a while longer, there is nothing to wait for, but in our homes, for those who are forced out: everything will be fine!