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#iorestoacasa: how to turn your bedroom into an office for smartworking

How did you organize your new "office"?

By Margherita Verdiani

March 2020 will no doubt have a long memory in the coming years. It's a tiring, frustrating and severe historical period, but it's necessary to fight the reason of this seclusion. “Be apart todayto hug each other tomorrow”, these are Conte's encouraging words, our Prime Minister and nonetheless current crush of half of the twitter girls, animated by a fiery impetus (this quarantine plays tricks on you) they went crazy and have been created funny memes and bold declarations of love to him.

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💕💗☕️💕💞Per far iniziare al meglio la giornata di tutte le bimbe 💕💕☕️💗💕 #decretobuongiornissimo #goodmorningmrpresident #decretacialmattino

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Let's put the 'stranamore' moment aside for a sec, many poepole are continuing to work from home. Smartworking isn't properly our thing here in Italy, but here you find some tips to turn your bedroom into a temporary office for smartworking:

1) First, essentially every morning, make your bed. It's not a trivial thing as it seems, because doing the same movements as soon as you wake up turns on your brain. Also, making your bed every morning is the achievement of the first daily goal, and you'll be more stimulated to complete others.

2) C'mon take your clothes off the chair! Material order generates mental order, keeping a clean and organised space will help you to concentrate better. Caos is the worst enemy of work and the dirt is unhealthy, and that poor chair deserves to be a real chair, not being suffocated by clothes of dubious cleaning... have a seat please.

3) Open and lift the blinds, let the light enter that dark microcosm and do not be a caveman who enjoy its darkness.

4) Posture is important, find a place to put your laptop on and work comfortably on your chair (see point 2). Wear glasses, keep the distance from the screen and have a nice glass of water next to it. Respect the schedules and never skip meals, education in work is important, in quarantine too.

5) But the most important thing: close all the doors, even the smallest glimmer, every connection with the other part of the house. Your siblings will be doing the entire rewatch of GOT, your mom will be struggling with a hard and 'smelly' (sorry mom) and greasy recipe that she had always posponed, your dad fighting with a drill to fix that tube broken for like a month. In a nutshell, isolate yourself as much as you can, create your own red zone inside the red zone, like a matryoshka.

#iorestoacasa: rediscover yourself as a couch potato but always on track. Keep working girlss!