#iorestoacasa: 5 podcasts to listen to during the next quarantine weekend

Listening to new stories

By Claudia Matrisciano

For a few weeks now, we find ourselves having to make many sacrifices and having to deal with an unexpected emergency. This means having to stay at home and live between the sofa, the bed, the sofa and the bed.

These days, however, are also an opportunity to do everything we cannot do during the typical days and, perhaps, discover, know and deepen.

We therefore thought to offer you 5 interesting podcasts to listen to during this (umpteenth) weekend in quarantine:

Vogue Italia

In May 2019, the Condé Nast Italia group created a section on Vogue Italia dedicated to podcasts. Insights, history of fashion and new trends. Emotional and engaging narratives of the characters. There is no shortage of stories never told before, gossip in the world of fashion. In short, there is everything you need to know about the fashion biz and its secrets, in an audio version.

The words dedicated to these podcasts are: Fashion Bible.

Morgana - Stories of girls your mother would never have approved

Michela Murgia, in collaboration with Chiara Tagliaferri, tells stories of strong, courageous, counter-current women. All those women who made the difference and whom perhaps you have never heard of.

Morgana is, as Murgia herself defines it, "the home of women outside the box".

All the protagonists of these stories are characters who have somehow inspired, taught and made a difference in the world. Some names of the protagonists? Zaha Hadid, Angelina Jolie and the legendary Grace Jones.

The word of this podcast (among the most listened to on Spotify) is, definitely: strength.


Venti is the new project of youtuber Sofia Viscardi, a young twenty year old, who wonders what it is like to be her age today.

First born as a YouTube channel (Canale di Venti - if you want to have a look at it), which today has more than 800k subscribers, then also transformed into a podcast. Sofia tells with a natural lightness and seriousness, all those topics on which the kids, and not, of today ask questions.

Through her candid and strong appearance at the same time, the young Sofia passes in a light and attentive way, from simpler topics such as makeup or "direct types", to deeper topics, such as awareness of herself, her body or of one's sexuality.

Through these podcasts, you not only learn, but become aware that everyone is a bit like us.

The word for this podcast is: knowledge.


VENGO ANCH'IO is, finally, the first real podcast that speaks freely of female pleasure.

It's not just about sex, it's an intimate chat between friends, between women, hosted by a woman, Leni, a graduate in psychology, who with marked irony and strong seriousness, breaks one of the greatest taboos today: female sexuality.

20-minute episodes that will introduce you and become aware of yourself.

The word for this podcast is: freedom.


This podcast tells the words of some writers not very well known to the general public, those writers who, as noted in the title, are "put in brackets".

The spotlight on women's literature is turned on, not only to discover the stories and tales, but also to know who is behind the creation of fantastic stories.

20/25 minutes may not be enough to understand the universe of these women, but for now, they are enough to make them "get out of their parentheses".

The word for this podcast is: female.