Interview with the Farfalle of Italian rhythmic gymnastics team

Here's what they told us at the event in collaboration with BABY-G

By acrimonia

On Monday 3rd June, at the center of the Federal Academy of Via Ovada in Milan, we met the athletes of the National rhythmic gymnastics at the event organized by BABY-G. The Casio women's line has always been linked to the team of farfalle that best embody the brand's goal: to be #unbreakablegirl. The team, made up of: Alessia Maurelli and Martina Centofanti, belonging to the Air Force, and their companions Anna Basta, Agnese Duranti, Martina Santandrea, Letizia Cicconcelli, Laura Paris, Francesca Majer, Daniela Mogurean and Chiara Vignolin, juggled in a moment for printing and one on the platform. In fact, the girls met 50 young aspiring athletes and started them on the very elegant tools of this sport: hoop, ball, clubs, ribbon and rope. We had a chat with some of them who told us what it feels like to be real #unbreakablegirl. Find out what they told us: When did you realize that your passion would become a real job? We started as a game, when we were a child. Going forward we realized that it was more than just a sport to spend the afternoon, gymnastics was something that belonged to us. farfalleitwBABY-G_acrimoniamagazine4 You call yourself sisters: how important is it to have real allies during a competition? A lot! By now we understand each other perfectly with just one look, we don't need to talk anymore. We know when one of our companions needs help or comfort. One of us is an only child, and here she finally found sisters. We all live together, eleven months a year, this helps us to bond ourselves strongly. All this really helps us a lot during the competitions, but especially in life. farfalleitwBABY-G_acrimoniamagazine5 Why do you think the most "feminine" sports like rhythmic gymnastics are still overshadowed by those practiced by men? Good question! Gymnastics is one of the very few female sports, some brave youngsters are beginning to try to approach this sport, especially in Spain, but it still remains a female category. As for us, people are finally starting to follow us thanks to all the victories we have achieved. For now it is still considered a minor sport, but we are hopeful! farfalleitwBABY-G_acrimoniamagazine8 In the next days there will be the women's soccer world cup, which will be broadcast on the canonical channels, as well as those of men's soccer. What do you think about that? Could this be the right step for sportswomen to be considered more important? Absolutely. We think that for the sporty woman in general this can be a great achievement. We wish the girls of the Italian national football team good luck! farfalleitwBABY-G_acrimoniamagazine7 You are all very young. How do you reconcile training with study? What is your project for the future? We attend the evening school from 18:00 to 20:00 in the hotel where we live with privated teachers. We are very keen on our education, we try to do the maximum also from this point of view. Gymnastics is a sport in which we stop competing relatively early and we must have a plan B. Many of us will enroll at the university and continue their studies. farfalleitwBABY-G_acrimoniamagazine6 Tell us your biggest dream. This is easy! Participate in the Olympics. We have already removed the pass, we are already at a good point, now we just have to work for the podium. We make a great good luck to these wonderful athletes!   Courtesy Photo: Hub