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Interview with Veronica Serafin: the experience of the fragrance

Each perfume has the goal of telling a story

By acrimonia

Have you ever heard of olfactory marketing? It is the new frontier in the world of fragrances. We met Veronica Serafin, founder of Emozioni Olfattive, and asked her some questions about it.

Find out what she told us:

What is meant by olfactory marketing? How important is your sense of smell to other senses?

Olfactory marketing is part of sensory marketing is a new branch of marketing that includes the sense of smell. The sense of smell is perhaps the most important sense we have in that it communicates directly with our emotions and our moods. Just think that from a young age it is the sense that is developed most, which is why we are able to recognize our mother from the scent that emanates, or the first love, which precisely is never forgotten, our mind will always tend to associate it with a perfume and what happens to you by chance to feel it around, in a moment it reminds you of all the memories.

The sense of smell travels very fast in our sensory part, working on an unconscious level. This is why olfactory marketing was born, the study of certain perfumes that trigger positive and emotional sensations that lead people to have a "predisposition" to purchase. For example, there is a specific study for the ambient scent that dentists use in their waiting rooms which leads to the patient waiting to decrease anxiety or to perceive greater professionalism. The goal is to reinforce the idea of the brand, especially in this period that we are very stimulated by images, colors, sounds etc.; and therefore few things really remain in our memory, perfume is the absolute master.

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Come in ogni fantastica storia, ogni incredibile profumo ha il suo meraviglioso inizio. Veronica nel suo posto magico✨ #marketingolfattivo Ph @riccardo_callegari_photo

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Associating a perfume with a brand is the new winning formula that improves brandization and also customer loyalty. For example in a hotel, when I check in and a perfume that I like and makes me feel at home is spread, my brain will associate it with a certain happy moment that can be the beginning of my holidays, or my moon honey. It is essential that the perfume is always personalized and made unique, trying not to make it look too much like others that already exist. The olfactory marketing therefore studies all the dynamics and realities of the company. It is important first of all to go and analyze the message you want to give with the end customer.

What is the creative process behind creating a special fragrance?

Emozioni Olfattive starts from a base of ready-made personalized fragrances, as if it were an archive, from which the final fragrance develops. There is also the possibility of having a personalized fragrance from the base. Following the purchase of raw materials there is the work of the "nose". We work more on our fragrances, it is a personal research I do with perfumers with a periodic selection, trying to understand the trends of the moment. It is a daily research work.

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Parola d'ordine: INSIEME ✨ Ogni giorno le nostre energie sono tutte per voi. #marketingolfattivo Ph @riccardo_callegari_photo

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"Felicità" is a fragrance that impressed us, how was it born?

"Felicità" is a historical perfume, one of the first in our collection. This name was used because it brings back all happy memories. Its essence recalls talcum powder, this brings back all the memories of when we were young, like the cuddles of the mother, the bathroom of our house, all the attention that we have as children. My father gave him that name, because it is impossible not to smile with that perfume. It is a perfume that welcomes you.

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Oggi si respira profumo di novità! Stay tuned ✨ Ph @riccardo_callegari_photo

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What will be the next step in the world of perfumery?

Specifically, I can't say, I mainly deal with olfactory marketing. As far as ambient perfumes are concerned, I notice that people are more predisposed to this new marketing strategy. I think that especially after Covid19, where the use of sanitizers is on the agenda, people want to use perfumes to "cover" the odor sometimes unpleasant they cause.

Many restaurants use our room fragrances to lessen the smell of sanitizers. People are certainly beginning to understand if a perfume is good or not, without putting it in the foreground, the perfume must be the component that "accompanies" and acts as a frame. An accessory that gives added value to the situation that surrounds it, in this I compare it very much to the perfume per person. When we use a perfume, it must not "overpower us", but be a final accessory to wear, which says something about us.

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Lei, così orgogliosa del proprio lavoro. Lei, un meraviglioso mix di cuore, passione, vitalità e coraggio. Lei è Veronica, un’esplosione di energia. #marketingolfattivo

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