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Interview with Matteo Puppi, Clinique's head of marketing

Beauty mission: the new beauty talent show focused on the discovery of new talents.


“Missione Beauty” is the new beauty talent show focused on the discovery of new talents such as Hairstylists and Make-up artists, with the winner: Abbia Maswi.

It is not a simple talent, as it celebrated diversity and the values of inclusiveness, sustainability as fundamental and solid points.

Mission Beauty, concluded on 10 December 2021, was conducted by Melissa Satta, together with three excellent judges Manuele Mameli (Celebrity Fashion Make-up Artist and Hair-Stylist), Elisa Rampi (Celebrity Hair-stylist & Make-up Artist) ) and Guido Taroni (fashion and interior design photographer).

The winners were awarded an Ambassador and Tutorship contract with Clinique for Make-up, and with Aveda for Hairstyle and thus began a new professional life, challenging each other through pressure-tests and surprise challenges.

A short time ago we interviewed Matteo Puppi, Clinique's head of marketing, asking for some curiosity about the brand and the talent show.

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Clinique was born in 1968, what were the most significant changes?

Since its foundation, Clinique has distinguished itself for being an innovative brand, the brand of the first times: the first dermatological brand, the first brand to offer tailor-made skincare rituals, the first brand to equip its beauty products with a tool for reading the leather.

What differentiates Clinique from other skincare brands?

The dermatological inspiration of our formulas, combined with the experience of over 50 years of research.

What are the brand values you want to convey to customers?

Clinique offers effective and pure dermatological solutions (without fragrances, phthalates etc and subjected to a rigorous set of tests), aimed at every individual and every beauty - we therefore promote a strong value of inclusiveness.

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How important is the environmental impact for you?

It is the challenge we feel most, not only because we want to contribute to the climate protection of our planet, but also for the complexity it entails for a brand of our size. In addition to the development of more sustainable products, today we only produce with FSC papers and we have completely removed the use of virgin plastic from any production of materials. Finally, we are committed to accompany our staff and the final consumer in the recycling process.

Regarding your talent show "Mission Beauty", where did the idea come from?

"Missione Beauty" was born in collaboration with Chiara Salvo of Kimera Produzioni, we felt we wanted to do something new and relevant, capable of enhancing two extraordinary professions, those of the make-up artist and the hair stylist, and give a chance to stage to talented young boys.

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How do you convey the concept of inclusiveness on television? Do you think it is talked about enough nowadays?

Look, every cultural change needs an overexposure, even a forced one, which gradually leads to a normalization of the same. We are still in this phase, they are long processes, but I am confident and will always work to support this process.

Why should people watch it?

Because it's fun, it's light, and it's about the most beautiful thing: beauty. And then to follow the stories and talent of our boys, and take the suggestions of Elisa Rampi and Manuele Mameli.

What would you recommend to a young make-up artist and a hairstylist?

I take up a piece of advice that Manuele Mameli gave during the broadcast and that I also felt mine: "study, try, practice ..." success has several ingredients, certainly it takes a bit of luck, but also a lot of tenacity and insistence.

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