Interview to Marianna Miola: the beauty entrepreneur

From beauty enthusiast to young businesswoman

By acrimonia

We had a chat with the young Venetian businesswoman Marianna Miola. She told us how important and significant the world of beauty is to her, and how at just 26 years old, one can make one's passion a full-time job!
Here's what she told us:
Where did your passion for beauty and the whole universe connected to it come from?
My passion was born as a young girl, although I could only seriously engage in this profession after high school. I have always had a particular and instinctive attraction for everything that was the world of beauty and, in particular, I have always been fascinated by the communicative and aesthetic power of the gaze, from which no one can escape.

What was one of the most interesting moments of your career as a make-up artist, make up artist and entrepreneur?
The most difficult moment was certainly my apprenticeship in London and the progressive and demanding change of rank and responsibility until, despite my young age, I became manager of an important center. In Italy it was the diploma of the Academy of Cinema (make-up section) which introduced me to exceptional teachers and to live important experiences also in New York.

Despite the experiences abroad, you are very close to Padua, your city, where you have decided to open your very latest salon. What fascinates you most about your city? In addition to your center, would you give us a couple of addresses as insiders from the university city full of Venetian art?
Padua is my city, my story, my identity of which I am very proud and proud. That's why I wanted to go back! I wanted to show that my future can also be at home and not only abroad! Padua is a city with ancient roots, but also home to the University of research and innovation with at least 60,000 students who live happily with its residents. It is capable of beauty, coexistence and respect.

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When you approach a face to make up, in addition to the more technical part, what do you let yourself be inspired by?
I certainly let myself be guided by the facial expression and personality of the client. My gaze, however, is immediately captured by the eyes that are truly the "mirror of the soul" and that never lie... that becomes the Focus around which I seek inspiration.

Why do you think beauty and in particular skincare have become a topic of mass interest? Do you think there is enough information?
I think there is a lot of do it yourself, many women and men rely on summary searches on the internet giving good superficial if not even fake news. The care of your body and, in particular of your face, must be entrusted to professionals who know how to choose products and can teach correct procedures to be followed even at home, to improve their skincare more and more.

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After this brilliant inauguration, are you already thinking about other projects?

Of course, I'm a volcano! My parents are amazed... but they are finding that if a young man can follow her passion with energy and enthusiasm, he overcomes all the efforts and difficulties! I have several projects in the pipeline such as opening many small corners where my customers can be more comfortable. One of my main goals is also the happiness of the women who undergo my consultation. I was a guest in the pediatric oncology ward at the Padua hospital, exactly in the 'teen zone', and I made up some teenagers. Seeing them laugh and looking satisfied in the mirror deeply moved me. There, I realized that make-up is also care and respect for life, in a particularly painful moment.